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Monday Minute: 3 False Assumptions about Assisted Suicide

Senator Ernie Chambers is working on legislation that would legalize doctor prescribed suicide in the state of Nebraska. The Lincoln Journal Star elaborated on Senator Chambers motives:

He says by preventing people from taking their own lives when they are terminally ill and suffering, government involves itself unnecessarily in situations that are deeply personal and can only be fully understood by those making the decision.

Senator Chambers makes three assumptions it is timely to address: 1) Suicide is illegal. 2) The government is inserting itself into end of life decisions made by patients, their families and their doctors. 3) Doctor Prescribed Suicide is a compassionate option for the terminally ill and suffering.


This Week’s Radio Programs

RadioNFA’s daily radio programs focus on faith, government, policy and culture.

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Omaha Public Schools: Opt Out isn’t the Solution

By: Hallie Hamilton
Date: October 29, 2015

Omaha Public Schools is currently exploring expanded curriculum standards for it’s sex-education and wellness class, Human Growth and Development. The new standards have caused an outcry among concerned parents in the community. Supporters of the changes often point to Opt Out as an easy solution. But using Opt Out as a compromise for implementing new standards against the desires of so many, will divide the district by creating conflict between Omaha Public Schools and the people it’s paid to serve: parents and children.


Schools and Transgender Students

Bellevue Public Schools has recently announced and adopted a policy that will allow transgender students to use the restrooms and locker rooms of the opposite biological sex. Some schools are considering these types of policies because they believe that schools will be legally required to allow students to use opposite sex-restrooms, showers and changing rooms on the basis of Title IX.

Alliance Defending Freedom highlighted in a recent article “1) no federal law requires public schools to open sex-specific restrooms, showers and changing areas to opposite-sex students, 2) providing such access violates the fundamental rights  of the vast majority of students and parents, and 3) schools have broad discretion to regulate the use of school restrooms, showers, and changing areas.” (more…)