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Nebraska Family Action teamed up with Heritage Alliance to bring you an in-depth, personalized voter guide. Learn where candidates rank on a liberal to conservative scale, who has endorsed them and how their campaign is funded. CLICK HERE to get started!

Video Voter Guidevideo-voter-guide

Hear candidates express in their own words why they want to be your next representative. Candidates for U.S. Senate, U.S. Congress, Attorney General, Governor and State Legislature were all invited to participate. WATCH THEIR VIDEOS HERE

Election Prayer GuidePray

Not sure how to pray leading up to this important election? Our election prayer guide is easy to use and includes a daily prayer topic. It’s a resource you can use to pray strategically for God to raise up righteous government leaders. Ger your PRAYER GUIDE HERE.


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LPS “Gender Inclusiveness” Training

Recently, Lincoln Public Schools provided teachers material from Gender Spectrum in order to promote a more “gender inclusive” learning environment. The desire to ensure that students are not bullied or ridiculed is a noble goal. We agree that we should teach students that bullying and name-calling of any kind is wrong. All people should be treated with dignity and respect.

Upon review of the Gender Spectrum material distributed to teachers, it is clear that it crosses a line. Read the 3 page handout given to LPS teachers here.

Read more HERE.

This Week’s Radio Programs

Here at NFA we distribute our radio programs to over twenty different stations across Nebraska. Our programs focus on faith, government, policy and culture. Have you heard about what’s been happening in Houston recently? Listen as Al discusses the injustice happening their with ADF legal counsel, Christiana Holkem.


October 27: Christiana Holkem — Houston Injustice
October 28: Christiana Holkem — Houston Injustice2
October 29: Christiana Holkem — Speak Up Movement
October 30: Karen Bowling — Voter Resources
October 31: Karen Bowling — Voter Resources

You can find older radio programs HERE.