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LPS “Gender Inclusiveness” Training | CARE Petition

Recently, Lincoln Public Schools created a national controversy by distributing material to teachers which advocates in favor of an extreme view of gender fluidity. Read the 3 page handout given to LPS teachers here.

We are thankful that Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Steve Joel, and the LPS School Board have removed the material from Lincoln schools.

It has come to NFA attention that this is not an isolated occurrence though. It’s for this reason that CARE (Citizens for Accountable and Responsible Education) has launched a petition to ask LPS to affirm the time honored tradition of parental rights and re-establish trust with parents and taxpayers. Sign the petition here.

Read more HERE.

This Week’s Radio Programs

Here at NFA we distribute our radio programs to over twenty different stations across Nebraska. Programs focus on faith, government, policy and culture. 


December 15: Jon Cosby — CARE Petition
December 16: Jon Cosby — CARE Petition
December 17: Jon Cosby — CARE Petition
December 18: Karen Bowling — CARE Petition
December 19: Karen Bowling — Matching Fund

You can find older radio programs HERE.