Life Prayer Guide

Young mother and father with newborn

All LIFE matters to God and He is both the source and giver of life. Psalms 139 declares that each of us are fearfully and wonderfully made and known by God.

Download the All Life Matters Prayer Guide if you’d like to print or save these prayer points.

I invite you to join us in prayer that every person would recognize the sanctity of life from conception to natural death until we see the injustice of abortion and euthanasia end in America.

God truly hears the prayers of his people when we intercede with a heart of humility and repentance. In 2nd Chronicles 7:14 God promises us that if we humble ourselves on behalf of others with a contrite spirit, He will respond to the prayers of His people. (more…)

This Week’s Radio Programs

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Oct. 5: John Jere — Outside Perspective on America
Oct. 6: John Jere — Western Pressure
Oct. 7: John Jere — Ministry to Orphans
Oct. 8: John Jere — Linda School
Oct. 9: John Jere — Lincoln College of Health Sciences

Action Alert: Share Emmett’s Story

Date: August 28, 2015

CallHimEmmett.HandToday is the 60th anniversary of the death of Emmett Till. As we shared in the Monday Minute, Emmett was an African American teenager who was murdered in Mississippi at the age of 14, after reportedly flirting with a white woman.

Till’s mother insisted on an open casket funeral. The image of Emmett Till’s disfigured face was burned into the consciences of hundreds of thousands of people across this nation, including Rosa Parks. On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks famously took her seat in the front of the bus.

“I thought about Emmett Till, and I could not go back…” – Rosa Parks

Some believe the shocking Center for Medical Progress videos have raised only legal concerns about Planned Parenthood’s actions. In reality, they are more like the open casket of Emmett Till’s funeral. (more…)

Planned Parenthood Videos

Date: August 24, 2015

Only 27% of Americans are very familiar with the Planned Parenthood videos. Share these videos with friends and family to keep the conversation going.


Next Steps to Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Logo Square

Date: August 11, 2015

The U.S. Senate voted on a bill last week to ensure Planned Parenthood doesn’t receive any taxpayer funds. Nebraska Senators Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse cosponsored this bill and voted for it. Unfortunately, this important measure didn’t get the 60 votes needed.

Yet it was certainly a step in the right direction.

According to SBA List, the last time the Senate voted on similar legislation in 2011, the bill received 42 votes. This time, it received 53, and could have had 55 votes, but Senator Graham wasn’t in attendance, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell voted no for procedural reasons. (more…)