Better Together

A message from the Nebraska Family Alliance Team

NFA Team_bannerOur nation has systematically sought to remove God from culture and morality from politics. Yet when we stand together there is hope. At a time when Nebraska needs an even stronger voice for Biblical values, Nebraska Family Council and Family First have made a strategic decision to merge organizations and become Nebraska Family Alliance.

Nebraska Family Alliance will build on the strong foundation of both organizations to fulfill our mission: standing for justice and strengthening families in Nebraska. This alliance will capitalize on the strengths of all members of our team, allowing them to focus more in the areas God has gifted them.

We are committed to excellence in everything we do:

  • Protecting the sanctity of life from conception to natural death
  • Defending religious liberty for students, health care professionals, business owners, and churches
  • Standing firm for the definition of marriage because every child deserves a mom and a dad
  • Combating the injustice of human trafficking
  • Advancing a culture of prayer in our state through the Intercessory Prayer Network and our 24/7 prayer center, the Nebraska House of Prayer

Over the years Nebraska Family Council and Family First have frequently collaborated. For example, as we worked to oppose the Lincoln Fairness Ordinance in 2012, NFC focused on activating and mobilizing volunteers to collect signatures.  Family First’s Executive Director Dave Bydalek provided irreplaceable expertise on the technical and legal aspects of the referendum petition drive. This partnership made it possible to collect over 10,000 signatures in 15 days. What we could not have accomplished alone was made possible together.

Executive Director Al Riskowski shared his perspective on the merger. “Dave Bydalek has truly become a friend as we have collaborated over the years. It is clear to both of us that our organizations are working toward the same goals. We agree now is the time to become one ministry.”

God has always been faithful to lead both Nebraska Family Council and Family First. NFC was formed in 1988 by a group of citizens concerned about the future of families in Nebraska. Al Riskowski and Karen Bowling stepped in as the executive director and associate director of the organization in 2001. In 2007 God miraculously provided the resources for NFC to purchase a house at 11th and E Street to convert into an office building and start the Nebraska House of Prayer, a 24/7 prayer center in the heart of Lincoln.

Dave Bydalek answered the Lord’s call and became the Executive Director of Family First in 2000. His experience working as an attorney in the Governor’s and Attorney General’s Offices, as well as thirteen years of service to Family First, have equipped him to engage the many public policy issues that are affecting Nebraska families today. Dave Bydalek stated “I see this merger as the next step for Family First to continue to move forward. I’m excited to become the Policy Director for Nebraska Family Alliance and devote more time to the areas where I am gifted and be even more involved in the legislative process.”

Nebraska Family Alliance will be governed by a joint Board of Directors consisting of current board members from each organization. We will be the state affiliate for Focus on the Family and work with Citizen Link, Alliance Defending Freedom, and other national organizations to bring national expertise to our local issues.

We have incurred $20,000 in additional expenses to launch our website, merge databases, mail out merger announcements, and remodel our office space for our growing team. Would you consider sending a tax deductible gift to defray these costs?  We appreciate your financial investment! You can donate online here.

Our culture is changing quickly and as Christians we have an opportunity to influence our nation like never before. This is more than just winning political arguments. This is about helping Nebraskans to recognize what is best for our families and to honor God in the process.

We are better together and ready to meet the challenge.