ACTION ALERT: Ask OPS to Protect Student Privacy and Safety

/ July 27, 2016 / Action Alert
UPDATE: This article was originally published stating that the next board meeting was August 1st. That was an error. The next meeting is August 15th. We apologize for any confusion! Omaha Public Schools have proposed adding gender identity and gender expression to their Elimination of Discrimination policy. Though the board has suggested they want to make.
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BREAKING NEWS: NSAA Rejects Common-Sense Proposal

/ April 8, 2016 / Education
Nebraska Family Alliance Responds to NSAA Representative Assembly Vote LINCOLN – Nebraska Family Alliance is disappointed the NSAA Representative Assembly rejected the ‘Sex-At-Birth’ bylaw. This proposal was a common sense measure designed to preserve fairness in athletics and ensure the privacy and safety of all Nebraska students. The NSAA has ignored the leadership of their.
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ACTION ALERT: Ask NSAA to Protect Student Privacy and Safety

/ March 31, 2016 / Action Alert
The Nebraska School Activities Association’s Board of Directors has adopted a policy that allows students, under certain circumstances, to participate in athletics and activities without regard to biological sex. This policy creates confusion among young people concerning human sexuality, is detrimental to students who experience gender dysphoria, violates the rights of all students, and establishes a dangerous.
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Understanding Gender Identity: Tools for Informed Conversation

/ March 2, 2016 / Education
The Nebraska School Activities Association’s Board of Directors has adopted a transgender student participation policy that applies to all NSAA member schools, including public and private schools. NSAA member schools will be voting on a proposal that could override that policy on April 8, 2016. Given the importance of the NSAA policy for high school students.
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OPS Updates Sex-Ed Standards

/ January 21, 2016 / Comprehensive Sex Education
At yesterdays Omaha Public Schools (OPS) Board of Education meeting, board members voted nearly unanimously to update the curriculum of Human Growth and Development (HGD), the OPS sex-education class. The changes are controversial enough that the Omaha World Herald placed it on the front page of today’s paper. The article begins: Tackling an issue that.
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NFA Response to Today’s NSAA Vote

/ January 14, 2016 / Education
Today the NSAA State Board of Directors ignored the leadership taken by the NSAA districts to move a policy forward that would require students participate in athletics and activities based on their sex identified at birth. In light of the leadership taken by the districts to address this issue in a way that reflects the.
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NSAA advances controversial “Gender Policy”

/ December 21, 2015 / Education
On January 14th, the NSAA will be voting on a policy that would allow some students to participate on sports teams and in other activities without regard to their biological sex. Here’s what you need to know. If this policy is approved: It will allow boys to play on girls sports teams and girls to.
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Omaha Public Schools: Opt Out isn’t the Solution

/ October 29, 2015 / Education
Omaha Public Schools is currently exploring expanded curriculum standards for it’s sex-education and wellness class, Human Growth and Development. The new standards have caused an outcry among concerned parents in the community. Supporters of the changes often point to Opt Out as an easy solution. But using Opt Out as a compromise for implementing new.
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Schools and Transgender Students

/ October 28, 2015 / Education
Bellevue Public Schools has recently announced and adopted a policy that will allow transgender students to use the restrooms and locker rooms of the opposite biological sex. Some schools are considering these types of policies because they believe that schools will be legally required to allow students to use opposite sex-restrooms, showers and changing rooms.