Legislative Bills 1108 and 1109

LB1108 and LB 1109 – Parental Consent for Abortion Procedures in Minors

These bills would revoke the requirement for minors to receive counsel and consent from a parent or legal guardian before undergoing an abortion procedure.

Nebraska Family Alliance strongly opposes these bills because:

  • Parental consent laws better protect the health and welfare of minors by allowing parents to be directly involved in the medical decisions of their minor daughters and to help them make their best personal choices, including carrying the child to term and not having abortions.
  • In Nebraska, parents must give consent for other medical procedures, including ear piercing, tattoos, and the disbursement of aspirin in a school setting. Abortion, which involves a life or death decision, should not be the exception.
  • The central issue that brings the parental consent law into query involves the question of who can provide consent for a ward of the state—a minor who is under the guardianship of the Department of Health and Human Services, rather than a parent or foster parent. The problem doesn’t lie with parental consent law. It lies in the Department’s failure to designate a person to either provide or deny consent.
  • All young women and girls under the age of 18 who are facing an unplanned pregnancy deserve counsel from a parent or a guardian before making a decision to have an abortion. Requiring parental consent ensures this right.

On Feb. 27, a public hearing was held for LB1108 and LB1109 before the Judiciary Committee. Dave Bydalek, NFA policy director, submitted a letter to express NFA’s opposition to the bills. Read Dave’s letter here: Testimony of Dave Bydalek on LB 1108 and LB 1109