Contact Your Elected Representatives

Nebraska State Legislature

Contact Your Elected Representatives

Do you have a concern or idea that would help make Nebraska better? Let your elected officials know! It only takes a few minutes.

7 Tips on Contacting Your Representatives

  1. Always be respectful and considerate. A rude or accusing tone won’t accomplish anything.
  2. Shorter is better, so keep your message clear and to the point.
  3. If you’re concerned about a specific bill then mention the bill number.
  4. Always identify yourself and give your address and contact information. As a voter in your district, your voice matters!
  5. Be specific! Precise facts or personal stories are much stronger than general, vague statements.
  6. Request a course of action, such as proposing a bill or voting for or against a piece of legislation.
  7. Thank them for taking the time to listen to your concerns.

So what are you waiting for? Let your representatives know! Contact a state senator, Nebraska state official, or federal representative and let your voice be heard!


Senator SchnoorWhen a constituent calls or emails my office, it makes a difference. I want to know what types of laws my constituents care about so I can represent them well. I appreciate that NFA mobilizes Nebraskans to reach out to their elected representatives.

-Senator David Schnoor, District 15 Representative


Senator Kolterman“In Nebraska, the citizens represent the second house of the Legislature, so it is very important to voice your ideas. While each state senator represents the entire State of Nebraska, they first and foremost represent the people of their home legislative district, their constituents. This is why it is important for Nebraskans to contact their representatives about matters that affect them most, and when they do, they should include their contact information. Although constituents receive top priority for replies, it can be very difficult to determine whether a communication came from a constituent without knowing the person’s address.”

-Senator Mark Kolterman, District 24 Representative

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