Torchbearer Internship

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Want to make a difference? Become a Torchbearer Intern!

Our internship is designed to prepare students who are passionate about public service; students who want to make a difference.

Twenty five years of experience in public policy, media development and grassroots mobilization has uniquely positioned Nebraska Family Alliance to train students for careers of influence.

>> 4 Important Things I Learned as a Torchbearer Intern

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Educating and Equipping Students to Impact the Culture for Christ

Equipping you for a professional career through hands-on work experience.

Provide you an opportunity to work in the nonprofit sector on policy issues regarding Family, Freedom and Life.

Develop your leadership and professional skills.

Through the Nebraska Family Alliance’s extensive network, you have an opportunity to cultivate relationships with other leaders and organizations.

We work with educational institutions to make sure you receive college credit when you need it.

We offer internships in three focus areas:

  1. Communication and Media Relations
  2. Grassroots Advocacy
  3. Policy Research and Analysis

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The Deadline for the Spring 2017 internship (January – May) is November 15th. Apply today!

While our internships are unpaid, we assist interns in fundraising a stipend if they are interested. We can also offer our internships for college credit if needed.

We require all our interns to dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week to the internship. If you have any questions about our internship program please don’t hesitate to contact us.

“My internship at NFA has allowed me to continue to utilize my gifts in the area of graphic design, and I feel satisfied after a day doing something I love for something I believe in. I have been encouraged by the caring people at NFA to be more thoughtful about my faith and how to apply it to serving others and my community. This internship is a great blessing.”

-Abigail Powers, Graphic Design/Social Media Intern, 2011 UNL graduate

Melanie Thomas, Torchbearer Intern“The Torchbearer Internship is a great opportunity for students in any career path to get real-world experience while making a difference in their community and learning about our government. As a Journalism and Mass Communications student, I had the chance to write articles, do research on current issues, try my hand at social media management and even help out with designing brochures, mailers and other electronic media. The NFA team really cared about my personal development – no fetching coffee at this internship! The team took the time to get to know me as a person, and gave me the opportunity to develop the communication skills I needed while learning about current political issues and our legislature.”

-Melanie Thomas, Communication and Media Relations Intern, 2014 Kansas State University graduate

Apply to be a Torchbearer Intern today!

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