Legislation to Watch

Want to know what laws are being passed here in Nebraska that effect our families and communities? Check out our bill summaries to stay in the know about what is happening in our state. For more information on what is happening at the Nebraska Unicameral visit the Nebraska Legislature web site.

Please remember to pray for Senators to have wisdom and discernment. Pray that they will be able to handle the overwhelming amount of information and spiritual pressures.

Did you know…

The lawmaking process in Nebraska begins when a senator introduces a bill at the start of each Legislative Session. That bill is then heard by one of the 14 committees of senators. Once a committee hears public testimony, has a debate and adds any amendments to a bill, only then do the committee members vote on whether or not to advance the bill.

If a bill receives a majority vote of the committee it then gets debated by the full legislature. If the legislature decides to pass the bill then the governor decides whether or not to sign it into law. It’s a pretty complex process! Ask God to raise up godly men and women who will represent not just the people but biblical principles as well.

Key Bills of 2015