With a unicameral legislature, in Nebraska, the people truly are the “second house.” That’s why NFA is dedicated to empowering people to stand up for faith, family, and freedom at our state capitol. Below are the most important bills NFA is advocating for and against in the current legislative session.

2023 Bill Tracker

– 108th Legislature, 1st Session –


LB 626: Nebraska Heartbeat Act - SUPPORT
Protects pre-born babies by prohibiting abortion when a fetal heartbeat is present.
LB 606: Pregnancy Help Act - SUPPORT
Helps broaden support for pregnant women and parents by creating an annual $10 million tax credit for private donations to Pregnancy Help Organizations.
LR 18CA: Create a constitutional right to abortion - OPPOSE
Adds “reproductive freedom” as a right under Article I of the Nebraska Constitution, alongside “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
LR 19CA: Constitutional amendment to prohibit any pro-life laws - OPPOSE
Amends the Nebraska Constitution to prohibit the state from enforcing any pro-life laws that protect preborn children from abortion.
LR 20CA: Create a constitutional right to abortion - OPPOSE
Amends the Nebraska Constitution to add a “right of individual privacy,” which was the basis for the U.S. Supreme Court to create a right to abortion in Roe v. Wade.

Religious Freedom

LB 277: Protect Religious Freedom - SUPPORT
Defends the First Amendment rights of all Nebraskans by establishing a clear standard to ensure religious liberty rights are not infringed by government and that government cannot treat churches and religious organizations worse than secular businesses.
LB 297: Personal Data Privacy Protection - SUPPORT
Prohibits any government agency from requiring, compelling, or distributing the personal information of citizens who contribute to or support non-profit organizations.
LB 810: Medical Conscience Rights - SUPPORT
Protects the religious freedom and conscience rights of medical care providers, healthcare institutions, and healthcare payers by ensuring they cannot be compelled to participate in or pay for medical procedures that violate their conscience.

Education and Parental Rights

LB 71: Strengthen parental rights and academic transparency - SUPPORT
Ensures all school districts develop a policy in support of parents’ rights stating how the district will involve parents, provide access to all learning materials, and how parents can opt their child out of lessons or activities. The policy must be reviewed annually following a public hearing and be displayed prominently on the website for each school.
LB 374: Parents’ Bill of Rights and Academic Transparency - SUPPORT
Protects the rights of parents as the primary educators of their child’s education and ensures parents have access to all books, learning materials, and curriculum in schools and can object to inappropriate books or learning materials.
LB 575: Save Girls’ Sports - SUPPORT
Protects fairness and opportunity in girls’ sports and the privacy and dignity of all students by ensuring bathroom and locker room access in schools is based on biological sex and that only biological females can compete in girls’ sports contests.
LB 753: School Choice Scholarships - SUPPORT
Creates more freedom and choice in education by establishing a tax credit for private donations to non-profit scholarship-granting organizations, which will generate more scholarship opportunities for low-income families to send their children to a private school of their choice.
LB 487: Force transgender ideology in public schools - OPPOSE
Revokes public funding from any school that maintains separate bathrooms and locker rooms based on biological sex or that refers to students by their biological sex rather than gender identity.

Marriage & Family

LB 574: Protect children from gender transition drugs and surgeries - SUPPORT
Prohibits puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gender reassignment surgeries that remove healthy body parts and create irreversible harm for minors. LB 574 ensures children receive help not harm, treatment not transition, and protection not politics.
LB 371: No drag shows for children - SUPPORT
Prohibits drag show performances in front of minors and those under 21 where alcohol is served.
LB 169: Sexual orientation and gender identity as a protected class - OPPOSE
Undermines constitutional freedoms, targets small businesses, threatens women’s equality and privacy, and empowers the government to punish people with traditional or religious beliefs on marriage and sexuality. These laws are used as a sword against people of faith rather than a shield against discrimination.
LB 179: Talk Therapy Ban - OPPOSE
Violates the free-speech rights of counselors and engages in viewpoint discrimination by forcing counselors to counsel in favor of transgenderism and same-sex attraction. Everyone who seeks counseling has the right to choose their own path, and a counselor shouldn’t be used as a tool to impose the government’s views on their patients.
LB 316: Erase husband & wife from marriage licenses and certificates - OPPOSE
Requires gender-neutral language on marriage licenses and certificates by replacing “Husband and Wife” with “Spouse 1 and Spouse 2.”
LR 26CA: Remove marriage from Nebraska Constitution - OPPOSE
Seeks to remove the definition of marriage as one man and one woman from the Nebraska Constitution, undermining the truth about marriage that was placed in the state constitution by voters.


LB 168: Expand sports gambling - OPPOSE
Expands gambling statewide by authorizing sports betting on all Nebraska colleges and university sports teams.
LB 232: Authorize electronic gambling - OPPOSE
Expands gambling statewide by authorizing digital keno wagering on cell phones.
LB 493: Expand lottery ticket sales - OPPOSE
Loosens restrictions and expands the sale of lottery tickets by allowing tickets to be sold through vending machines. Designed for people to lose, the state lottery preys on the poor and contributes to cycles of poverty by taking the most from those who can least afford it.

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Steps a Bill takes to Become Law

In Nebraska, the lawmaking process begins when a senator introduces a bill. Bills are assigned to one of 14 committees and a public hearing is scheduled. If a bill receives a majority vote of the committee it is placed on General File and debated by the full legislature until it signed by the Governor into law.



Bill Introduction

Senator Sponsor



Committee Hearings

Testimony Submitted



General File

1st Round of Debate



Select File

2nd Round of Debate



 Final Reading

3rd Round of Debate



Signed by Governor

Becomes Law


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