Our Vision:

Marriages & Families Thrive

Marriages and families are the fundamental building block of all human civilization. To maintain a stable society it is critical that we have strong marriages that provide a safe and healthy environment for children to grow.

Life is Cherished & Protected

We support efforts to protect the lives of the unborn and oppose efforts to end the lives of the disabled and elderly. Each human life must also be protected and respected in scientific research.



Religious Liberty is Affirmed & Celebrated

Our religious liberties are more than just the right to believe what we choose; they are priceless freedoms bought with the lives of countless American citizens.


Our Story:

Nebraska Family Alliance (NFA) is a non-profit policy, research, and education organization. We advocate for marriage, the family, life, and religious freedom representing a diverse, statewide network of thousands of individuals, families, and faith leaders.


Would you pray for the Nebraska Family Alliance team? Pray that we will continue to be a beacon of light, declaring the hope and truth of Jesus Christ as we stand for justice and strengthen families in Nebraska.