Your elected leaders represent you and your family at the State Capitol and in Washington D.C. Let Nebraska’s elected officials know your concerns and ideas about proposed and potential legislation!

Nebraska’s Federal Representatives

Senator Deb Fischer (NE)
(202) 224-6551
Senator Ben Sasse (NE)
(202) 224-4224
Congressman Mike Flood
Congressional District 1
(202) 225-4806
Congressman Don Bacon
Congressional District 2
(202) 225-4155
Congressman Adrian Smith
Congressional District 3
(202) 225-6435

Nebraska State Senators

Capitol Mailing Address

Senator ___________________
District #___ State Capitol
PO Box 94604
Lincoln, NE  68509-4604

NameDistrictEmailPhone NumberCity
Aguilar, 471-2617Grand Island
Albrecht, 471-2716Thurston
Arch, 471-2730La Vista
Blood, 471-2627Bellevue
Bostar, 471-2734Lincoln
Bostelman, 471-2719Brainard
Brandt, (402) 471-2711 Plymouth
Brewer, 471-2628Gordon
Briese, 471-2631Albion
Cavanaugh, 471-2723Omaha
Cavanaugh, (402) 471-2714 Omaha
Clements, 471-2613Elmwood
Day, 471-2725Omaha
DeBoer, 471-2718Bennington
Dorn, (402) 471-2620 Adams
Dover, 471-2929Norfolk
Erdman, 471-2616Bayard
Friesen, 471-2630 Henderson
Geist, 471-2731Lincoln
Gragert, 471-2801Creighton
Halloran, 471-2712Hastings
Hansen, 471-2728Blair
Hansen, 471-2610 Lincoln
Hilgers, Mike 471-2673Lincoln
Hilkemann, (402) 471-2621 Omaha
Hughes, (402) 471-2805 Venango
Hunt, 471-2722Omaha
Jacobson, 471-2729 North Platte
Kauth, 471-2327Omaha
Kolterman, (402) 471-2756 Seward
Lathrop, (402) 471-2623 Omaha
Lindstrom, (402) 471-2618 Omaha
Linehan, Lou 471-2885Elkhorn
Lowe, 471-2726Kearney
McCollister, (402) 471-2622 Omaha
McDonnell, 471-2710Omaha
McKinney, 471-2612Omaha
Morfeld, (402) 471-2720 Lincoln
Moser, 471-2715Columbus
Murman, (402) 471-2732 Glenvil
Pansing Brooks, (402) 471-2633 Lincoln
Sanders, 471-2615Bellevue
Slama, 471-2733Sterling
Stinner, (402) 471-2802 Gering
Vargas, 471-2721Omaha
Walz, 471-2625 Fremont
Wayne, 471-2727Omaha
Williams, (402) 471-2642Gothenburg
Wishart, 471-2632Lincoln

Nebraska State Board of Education

Patricia Koch Johns – District 1
(402) 416-3374
Lisa Fricke – District 2
(402) 670-2474
Patti Gubbels – District 3
(402) 649-1265
Jacquelyn Morrison – District 4
(817) 247-4563
Kirk Penner – District 5
(402) 694-2196
Maureen Nickels – District 6
(308) 380-3919
Robin Stevens – District 7
(402) 615-4095
Deborah Neary – District 8
(402) 215-9139
Commissioner Matt Blomstedt
(402) 471-5020


Praying For Leaders

Besides contacting your representatives, you can also pray for them. Would you consider adopting a leader in prayer? We will send you a FREE resource packet to get started!

Say It So You Can Be Heard:

    1. Always be respectful and considerate. A rude or accusing tone won’t accomplish anything.
    2. Shorter is better, so keep your message clear and to the point.
    3. If you’re concerned about a specific bill then mention the bill number.
    4. Always identify yourself and give your address and contact information. As a voter in your district, your voice matters!
    5. Be specific! Precise facts or personal stories are much stronger than general, vague statements.
    6. Request a course of action, such as proposing a bill or voting for or against a piece of legislation.
    7. Thank them for taking the time to listen to your concerns.

“In Nebraska, the citizens represent the second house of the Legislature, so it is very important to voice your ideas. While each state senator represents the entire State of Nebraska, they first and foremost represent the people of their home legislative district, their constituents. This is why it is important for Nebraskans to contact their representatives about matters that affect them most, and when they do, they should include their contact information. Although constituents receive top priority for replies, it can be very difficult to determine whether a communication came from a constituent without knowing the person’s address.”

Senator Mark Kolterman

District 24 Representative