Expanding gambling creates social and economic costs that can ruin lives, families, businesses, and communities. Government should promote activities that support the well-being of its citizens, not predatory gambling.


Nebraska Family Alliance challenges the establishment and spread of gambling due to its destructive impact on individuals, families, businesses, and communities.

We believe government should not willfully cheat and harm its own people—whether it takes the form of commercial casinos, tribal casinos, state lotteries, sports betting, or internet gambling.

State-sanctioned predatory gambling produces nothing but can take everything.  It ruins marriages, destroys families, fleeces the poor, bankrupts communities, raises crime, creates corruption, makes false promises, distorts reality, and deceives the public.

All men and women in our nation deserve a fair opportunity to build the best life possible for themselves and their family, and state-sanctioned gambling robs people of that opportunity.

There are always ways to improve our state, communities, and neighborhoods, but sacrificing local businesses, families, and children to the harms of state-sanctioned predatory gambling isn’t one of them.

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