Protect School Choice

Keep Kids First And Decline To Sign Teachers Union Repeal Effort

In 2023, the Nebraska Legislature approved historic funding for public education as well as our state’s first-ever school choice bill, The Opportunity Scholarships Act.

The Opportunity Scholarships Act establishes a tax credit for private donations to non-profit organizations that provide scholarships to low-income families to send their child to the school of the parent’s choice. The state provides $25 million in total income tax credits to incentivize donations. Not a single dollar is taken from public schools. 

Students from lower-income families, students with special needs, students who experience bullying, students from military families, students in foster care, and students who are denied option enrollment are eligible for scholarships.

The teachers’ union and opponents of school choice have filed a referendum petition and are collecting signatures to repeal this law and strip away parental rights and education options for our kids. 

All families, regardless of income or zip code, deserve to access the best education for their children.

When somebody asks you to sign the petition, tell them you support parental rights and decline to sign! 

For more information, resources, and volunteer opportunities to help oppose the repeal effort, visit 


MYTH: “The Opportunity Scholarships Act gives public money to private schools.”
FACT: The Opportunity Scholarships Act simply creates a tax credit for private donations to non-profit scholarship-granting organizations. Not a single dollar of tax-payer money is given to private schools. 


MYTH: “The Opportunity Scholarships Act takes money away from public schools.”
FACT: This year, the Nebraska Legislature approved historic funding for public education, totaling nearly $1B of increased support, while passing the Opportunity Scholarships Act. There is no evidence that scholarships hurt public school budgets. In fact, similar programs across the country have been proven to save state governments millions—even billions—of dollars by not having to pay the cost of educating a child utilizing a scholarship to attend a private school. 


MYTH: “There is no accountability in private school choice programs.”
FACT: In Nebraska, all private schools must be approved and accredited by the State Department of Education. Most importantly, private schools are accountable directly to parents. 


MYTH: “Nebraska already has school choice.”
FACT: Some will say Nebraska already has school choice because “parents can choose to send their children to a private school.” Most families do not have this choice because they cannot afford to pay for private school tuition, and many students are also denied option enrollment by public schools. We know students and parents need expanded options. Nebraska families, regardless of income or zip codes, deserve more opportunities for their children to thrive and succeed.

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