With a Unicameral Legislature, in Nebraska the people truly are the “second house.” That’s why NFA is dedicated to empowering people to stand up for faith, family, and freedom at our state capitol. Below are the most important bills NFA is advocating for and against in the current legislative session.

2021 Bill Tracker

– 107th Legislature, 1st Session –


LB 276: Legalize telemedicine abortion - OPPOSE
LB 276 eliminates the requirement that a physician be physically present in the room during an abortion, which would expand abortion in Nebraska by allowing for webcam abortions and for the abortion pill to be distributed through the mail.
LB 67: Planned Parenthood in schools - OPPOSE
LB 67 would allow school-based health centers to dispense, prescribe, and counsel for contraceptive drugs and devices in schools.
LB 20: Mandate insurance coverage of contraceptives/abortifacients - OPPOSE
LB 20 would require public and private insurers to provide health insurance coverage for contraceptives, including those that can cause early abortions.
LB 597: Support for parents of stillborn babies - SUPPORT
LB 597 supports grieving families by providing parents of a stillborn baby with a $2,000 refundable income tax-credit. This helps ease some of the burden that falls on families at a time of intense grief and recognizes the dignity and humanity of preborn children.

Religious Freedom

LB 167: Churches are essential - SUPPORT
When the government treats churches worse than casinos, gyms, and abortion clinics, the Constitution is violated. LB 167 ensures churches and religious organizations cannot be treated worse than secular organizations and bars government officials from prohibiting religious organizations from operating during a state of emergency.
LB 231: Talk therapy ban - OPPOSE
LB 231 violates the free-speech and religious freedom rights of licensed couneslors and engages in viewpoint discrimination by forcing counselors to only be able to counsel in favor of transgenderism and same-sex attraction. Everyone who seeks counseling has the right to choose their own path and a counselor shouldn’t be used as a tool to impose the government’s views on their patients.
LB 120: Sexual orientation and gender identity protected class - OPPOSE
LB 120 undermines constitutional freedoms, targets small businesses, threatens women’s equality and privacy, and empowers the government to punish people with religious beliefs on marriage and sexuality. These laws are used as a sword against people of faith rather than a shield against discrimination.

Human Trafficking

LB 204: Require trafficking offenses be part of sex offender registry - SUPPORT
LB 204 would update Nebraska’s Sex Offender Registration Act by requiring those who are guilty of sex trafficking crimes to be part of the sex offender registry.
LB 461: Require human trafficking informational posters in casinos - SUPPORT
Casinos are routinely identified as hubs for sex trafficking. In response to the legalization of casinos in Nebraska, LB 461 updates state statute by requiring informational posters on human trafficking with the national hotline number be posted in casinos. This will help provide a lifeline to victims and increase awareness in an area it is needed most.

Marriage & Family

LR 2CA: Legalize recreational marijuana - OPPOSE
If passed by the legislature, LR 2CA would put the legalization of recreational marijuana on the ballot for the 2022 General Election.
LR 20CA: Remove marriage definition from Nebraska Constitution - OPPOSE
LR 20CA seeks to remove the definition of marriage as between one man and one woman from the Nebraska Constitution, undermining the truth about marriage that was placed in the state constitution by voters.
LB 357: SOGI requirements in foster care - OPPOSE
The ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ nondiscrimination provision in LB 357 would force children in state care to share restrooms and sleeping aresas with other individuals who choose to self-identity as the opposite sex. Parents who object to cross-sex hormone therapy and sex-change operations in children would also be at risk of no longer being eligible to serve as foster parents.
LB 517: No gender - OPPOSE
LB 517 provides for genderless state ID cards and driver’s licenses and allows for the sex listed on birth certificates to be changed. These changes elevate gender dysphoria into law and encourage sex-changes for minors.

Education & School Choice

LB 364: School choice scholarships and tax credits - SUPPORT
LB 364 creates more freedom and choice in education by establishing a tax credit for private donations to nonprofit scholarship granting organizations, which will generate more scholarship opportunities for low-income families to send their children to a private school of their choice.
LB 92: Ensure homeschool graduates are treated equally - SUPPORT
Homeschool high school graduates are not considered in-state students and must go through burdensome administrative hurdles in order to obtain in-state tuition rates at public universities. LB 92 changes the law so that homeschool graduates in Nebraska are automatically considered in-state students and must be treated the same as public and private school graduates.
LB 210: Allow homeschool students to join extracurricular activities - SUPPORT
LB 210 requires school boards to establish policies and procedures to allow home school students to participate in extracurricular activities to the same extent as public school students.


LB 545: Legalize sports betting and poker as games of skill - OPPOSE
LB 545 seeks to classify sports betting and poker as “games of skill” in order to authorize commercialized sports betting, including online wagering, across the state. LB 545 would substantially expand gambling in Nebraska, exploit the poor and financially desperate, and increase gambling losses and addition.
LR 26CA: Allow the Legislature to authorize sports betting - OPPOSE
LR 26CA removes the power to authorize and regulate sports betting from Nebraska voters and gives it to the legislature. Commercialized sports betting would substantially expand gambling in Nebraska, exploit the poor and financially desperate, and increase gambling losses and addition.

Steps a Bill takes to Become Law

In Nebraska, the lawmaking process begins when a senator introduces a bill. Bills are assigned to one of 14 committees and a public hearing is scheduled. If a bill receives a majority vote of the committee it is placed on General File and debated by the full legislature until it signed by the Governor into law.



Bill Introduction

Senator Sponsor



Committee Hearings

Testimony Submitted



General File

1st Round of Debate



Select File

2nd Round of Debate



 Final Reading

3rd Round of Debate



Signed by Governor

Becomes Law