In Nebraska, the lawmaking process begins when a senator introduces a bill. Bills are assigned to one of 14 committees and a public hearing is scheduled. If a bill receives a majority vote of the committee it is placed on General File and debated by the full legislature until it signed by the Governor into law.

2020 Bill Tracker


LB814 - End Dismemberment Abortion - SUPPORT

LB814 prohibits the barbaric practice of dismemberment abortion. This procedure is performed after 12 weeks of pregnancy and tears apart a living unborn child limb by limb.

LB423 - Abortion Providers in Schools - OPPOSE

LB423 authorizes abortion providers to serve as “school-based health centers” and provide abortion and contraceptive services to school children.

LB503 - Eliminate Physician Requirement for Abortion - OPPOSE

LB503 eliminates the requirement that a physician be physically present when performing, prescribing, or inducing an abortion, which would allow the abortion pill to be distributed via the mail or webcam.

LB872 - Repeal Abortion Pill Reversal Law - OPPOSE

LB872 strikes down a pro-life law passed last year that requires information on abortion pill reversal be given to women who have received the abortion pill.

Human Trafficking

LB987 - Trafficking Victim Assistance - SUPPORT

LB987 eliminates the tax-exemption for escort services and directs new revenue to the Human Trafficking Victim Assistance Fund.

Religious Freedom

LB167 - Faith Based Counseling Ban - OPPOSE

LB167 prohibits children and adults from receiving talk therapy, spiritual direction, and faith-based counseling and resources when seeking help with same-sex attraction and gender identity issues.

LB627 - SOGI Protected Class - OPPOSE

LB627 creates special protections for ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ which empower the government to punish people with religious beliefs on marriage and sexuality. These laws force citizens to promote messages and participate in events they disagree with and have been used not as a shield against discrimination, but as a sword against people of faith.

Marriage & Family

LB873 - No Gender - OPPOSE

LB873 creates a “non” gender option on driver’s licenses and allows for the sex listed on birth certificates to be changed without any medical documentation. These changes elevate gender dysphoria into law, encourage sex-changes for minors, and allow biological males to easily compete in girls’ sports.

LB941 - SOGI & Foster Care - OPPOSE

The ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ nondiscrimination provision contained in LB941 would force children in state care to share restrooms, locker rooms, and sleeping areas with other individuals who choose to self-identity as the opposite sex. Parents who object to using cross-sex hormone therapy and sex-change operations in children would also be at risk of no longer being eligible to serve as foster parents, leaving fewer loving homes for children in need.

School Choice

LB1202 - School Choice - SUPPORT

LB1202 provides more scholarship opportunities for low-income children to attend a private school of their choice by creating a tax credit for private donations to nonprofit scholarship granting organizations. LB1202 will help more families have the ability to send their child to the school that’s best for them and put power back into the hands of parents.


LR295 CA - Authorize Legislature to Legalize All Gambling - OPPOSE

LR295 CA removes the power to legalize gambling from Nebraska voters by authorizing the legislature to legalize any form of gambling, including casinos, slot machines, and internet gambling.

LB971 - Expand State-Sanctioned Predatory Gambling - OPPOSE

There are few industries more exploitative than state lotteries. LB971 expands the Nebraska state lottery to include sports betting and would increase gambling losses and addiction.

LB990 - Legalize Commercialized Sports Betting - OPPOSE

LB990 falsely labels sports betting and fantasy sports contests as “games of skill” in order to legalize full-blown commercialized sports betting, including online wagering. LB990 would substantially expand gambling in Nebraska, exploit impoverished people, and increase gambling losses and addition.

Steps a Bill takes to Become Law



Bill Introduction

Senator Sponsor



Committee Hearings

Testimony Submitted



General File

1st Round of Debate



Select File

2nd Round of Debate



 Final Reading

3rd Round of Debate



Signed by Governor

Becomes Law