Capitol Connection Episode 175

False Promises & Predatory Practices: Special Interview Reveals Truth About Casino Gambling

Voters are once again being asked to legalize casinos statewide in Nebraska. But what would these ballot initiatives actually do, and why does it matter?

On this week’s Capitol Connection Podcast, hear from an advocate whose life, family, and business were changed forever after an employee embezzled over $4.2 million dollars from her family’s business to gamble at casinos.

Learn what the true cost of casino gambling is, how it impacts families and businesses, and why people of faith need to take the lead in opposing state-sanctioned predatory gambling by voting “No” on initiatives 429, 430, and 431.

Nate Grasz

Nate Grasz

Policy Director
Nate is the Policy Director of Nebraska Family Alliance and host of Capitol Connection, a weekly radio show on KCRO Christian Radio and available on iTunes.