The Nebraska Heartbeat Act

Breaking: Heartbeat Bill Fails To Advance…But We’re Not Done

Breaking: Heartbeat Bill Fails To Advance…But We’re Not Done

Protect Their Beating Hearts

A Heartbeat Is A Universal Sign Of Life

LB 626 could stop 85% of abortions in Nebraska.
LB 626 could save 2,000 lives each year.
A beating heart is detectable around six weeks gestation.


Senator Joni Albrecht—along with 28 co-signers—introduced LB 626, The Nebraska Heartbeat Act, to the Nebraska Legislature to provide babies who have a heartbeat protection under the law from abortion.


The Nebraska Heartbeat Act would require that a doctor, before proceeding with any abortion, first perform an ultrasound in accordance with standard medical procedure to listen for a fetal heartbeat. If a heartbeat is present, an abortion may not be performed.



How is it enforced?
An abortionist who violates this law will have their medical license subject to discipline like any other instance of serious unprofessional conduct outlined in Nebraska law.

Are there exceptions?
An abortion performed in case of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother would not be a violation.

What about IVF, contraception, miscarriages, and ectopic pregnancies?
These would not be affected in any way. The bill only applies to intrauterine pregnancies when there is a heartbeat present.



“This is a six-week abortion ban.”
The bill protects babies in the womb when a heartbeat is present. It does not prohibit abortion at a specific gestational marker.

“It’s fetal cardiac activity, not a heartbeat.”
The heart is the first functioning organ to develop. There is no question, scientifically or medically, that babies have their own detectable heartbeats around six weeks.

“Women and doctors will go to jail.”
No woman may be held liable for a violation—only abortionists. There are no criminal or civil penalties, even for the doctor/abortionist.

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Nebraska is a pro-life state, and we care for mothers and their children—born and unborn.

A recent survey of registered voters found that a majority of Nebraskans support protecting the lives of preborn children who have a beating heart—whether they are pro-life or pro-choice—including nearly two-thirds of Independents and half of Democrats.

The survey revealed:

    • 58% of Nebraskans support a bill protecting preborn babies once a heartbeat is detected that allows exceptions for rape, incest, or to save the mother’s life.
    • 72% of Nebraskans oppose extreme abortion policies of allowing abortion until birth.

*The survey was conducted by WPA Intelligence on behalf of the Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America organization. The study has a sample size of 528 registered voters and a margin of ±4.3%.

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Dear Senator,


My name is [INSERT NAME], and I live at [INSERT ADDRESS]. I am writing to express my strong support for LB 626, the Nebraska Heartbeat Act.
      • A heartbeat is a universal sign of life.
      • There is no question, scientifically or medically, that an unborn child in the womb is a distinct, individual human being with their own DNA and their own heartbeat.
      • Abortion is currently legal in Nebraska up to 20 weeks gestation. Women and children deserve better. We can love them both by embracing life and empowering women.
      • Every parent remembers hearing their child’s heartbeat on an ultrasound for the first time.
      • Please see unborn children for who they are—girls and boys who should be celebrated and valued.
      • Nebraska is a pro-life state. A recent statewide poll revealed that 58% of Nebraskans support a bill protecting preborn babies once a heartbeat is detected.
I urge you to support LB 626. Thank you for your time and consideration.