“I urge that petitions, prayers, and intercessions be offered on behalf of all people, rulers, and those in authority, so we may live quiet and peaceful lives as we worship and honor God.” 1 Timothy 2:1-2

Nebraska’s Primary Election is three weeks away! Elections have lasting consequences, and the leaders who advance to the General Election will significantly impact our lives, families, and communities. Starting today, use our 21-Day Election Prayer Guide for daily prayer points leading up to the election on Tuesday, May 10th, and join us in praying for truth, righteousness, and discernment to prevail on Election Day.

Vote, Pray, and Share!

As Christian citizens living within a democracy, we have the responsibility to be well-informed and help elect leaders who support Biblical values. Along with our election prayer guide, Nebraska Family Alliance is offering an issues-based voter guide at NebraskaVoterGuide.com, which you can easily personalize to your address and political party to make an informed decision before casting your vote.

Access our nonpartisan voter guide for important election deadlines and learn where state and federal candidates stand on abortion, religious freedom, parental rights, comprehensive sex education, and more. Vote your values this election, pray God-honoring leaders advance, and share our voter guide and election prayer guide with your family, friends, and church!

DAY 1: Pray for physical, emotional, and spiritual protection for candidates and their families.

DAY 2: Pray for voters to elect righteous leaders who recognize they are accountable to God.

DAY 3: Pray for voters to elect leaders who will honor America’s Judeo-Christian foundation.

DAY 4: Pray for voters to seek wisdom through Scripture, prayer, and scrutiny of candidates.

DAY 5: Pray for the election debates. Pray for truth to be revealed.

DAY 6: Pray for each candidate’s position on the sanctity of life to be revealed.

DAY 7: Pray for each candidate’s position on defending religious liberty to be revealed.

DAY 8: Pray for each candidate’s position on protecting traditional family values to be revealed.

DAY 9: Pray for all media outlets to report free of corruption with integrity and truth.

DAY 10: Pray for concerned citizens to encourage others to pray and vote.

DAY 11: Pray for the influence of political correctness and popular public opinion to be ineffective.

DAY 12: Pray for voters to select leaders who will lead with an understanding of Biblical truth.

DAY 13: Pray for candidates to be elected who will protect religious liberty in America.

DAY 14: Pray for candidates’ intentions and motives to be revealed.

DAY 15: Pray for safety at all voting precincts. Pray against voter fraud during the election.

DAY 16: Pray for favorable weather conditions on Election Day.

DAY 17: Pray for Nebraska voters to research candidates (on NebraskaVoterGuide.com).

DAY 18: Pray for voters to elect leaders who will protect and defend the U. S. Constitution.

DAY 19: Pray for Christian voters to recognize their responsibility to elect God-honoring leaders.

DAY 20: Pray for Godʼs people to vote in the knowledge and fear of God.

DAY 21: Pray for clear, accurate, and timely results from the election.

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