There are only 25 days left in this year’s legislative session, but there are still important opportunities to advance family, freedom, and life in Nebraska.

NFA has three key policy goals remaining before this year’s session ends:

  1. Help save babies from chemical abortions
  2. Create greater freedom and choice in education for parents, families, and children
  3. Strengthen anti-trafficking and child pornography laws while ensuring justice for victims

We are advocating for three bills to pass into law to achieve these goals.

LB 209 – Abortion Pill Reversal Information Act

LB 209 gives every woman seeking a chemical or “medication” abortion a second chance to choose life by requiring abortion facilities to inform women of the possibility to save her pregnancy after taking the abortion pill.

This bill has just been voted out of committee and will be debated by the full legislature soon!

LB 670 – School Choice Scholarship Tax Credit

LB 670 increases choice in education for Nebraska families by enacting a tax credit for donations to nonprofit scholarship granting institutions.

This bill does not divert any public money away from public schools. Rather, it incentivizes private dollars to be turned into private donations for school scholarships for low-income and working-class families.

LB 519 – Justice for Trafficking & Child Pornography Victims

LB 519 extends the statute of limitations for prosecuting child pornography, labor trafficking, and sex trafficking crimes, and authorizes law enforcement to use wire-taps in trafficking investigations.

These changes strengthen our state’s trafficking laws and reflect our commitment to apprehending predators and protecting women and children in Nebraska.

We need your voice and advocacy.

Each of these bills will have the opportunity to be debated and voted on by the full legislature this year, but we will need your advocacy and voice to get these bills signed into law.

NFA will continue closely monitoring these bills and alert you when they are up for debate and how you can contact senators with messaging points to support these policies.

Join our text alert service by using your mobile phone to text “PRAYNFA” to 402-979-7729 and be on the lookout for future Action Alerts.

Thank you for partnering with NFA to stand for family, freedom, and life in Nebraska. Together, we can keep Nebraska the best state to live, work, and raise a family.

Nate Grasz

Nate Grasz

Policy Director
Nate is the Policy Director at Nebraska Family Alliance and host of the Capitol Report program.