The 2021 Legislative Session has officially concluded. Senators introduced more than 675 bills and a dozen constitutional amendments, held hundreds of committee hearings, and debated a wide-range of issues on the floor of the Legislature.

Nebraska Family Alliance (NFA) was engaged throughout this year’s session, analyzing and monitoring legislation, providing testimony, informing the public, mobilizing our network, and working with senators to advance family, freedom, and life.

Here are 5 key takeaways from this year’s session that you need to know about:

1. Bad Bills Failed to Advance

Every bill that was opposed by NFA failed to advance this session. This included proposals seeking to authorize telemedicine abortion (LB 276), allow school-based health centers to dispense contraceptive drugs and devices in schools (LB 67), and require counselors to affirm transgenderism and same-sex attraction in children (LB 231).

Religious liberty was protected, parental rights were upheld, and efforts to expand abortion were defeated.

2. Equal Treatment for Homeschool Families

NFA supported LB 92, which ensures that homeschooled children automatically qualify for in-state tuition at Nebraska public colleges and universities and must be treated the same as public and private school graduates.

LB 92 passed through the Legislature and was signed into law on April 21st.

3. Combatting Human Trafficking

Casinos are routinely identified as hubs for sex trafficking. In response to the legalization of casinos in Nebraska, LB 461 updated state statute to require human trafficking awareness posters with the national hotline number to be posted in casinos.

The bill was signed into law on April 16th after advancing through the Legislature unanimously. This will help provide a lifeline to victims and increase awareness in an area it is needed most.

4. Minimizing Harms of Casino Gambling

Senators had the challenging task of establishing the statutory framework necessary to implement the casino gambling ballot initiatives that were approved by voters in the 2020 election (LB 561).

NFA helped secure strong consumer protections and limitations on casino gambling, including prohibiting credit cards, requiring self-exemption lists, no gambling on in-state college teams playing in-state, and improved oversight and accountability for the Gaming Commission.

5. Support for Parents of Stillborn Babies

LB 597 established a tax credit to help support grieving parents who lose a child to stillbirth. There is nothing we can do to take away the loss these families have experienced, but we can acknowledge their loss and the financial burdens they have incurred, such as medical costs, hospital bills, and burial expenses, and affirm the humanity of preborn children.

LB 597 was amended into a broader tax reform bill, LB 432, and passed into law with broad support after multiple attempts by pro-choice senators to remove the tax-credit for parents who have a stillbirth were unsuccessful.

NFA is honored to represent you and your family and serve as an effective voice for faith, family, and freedom at our state capitol.

Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue working to ensure Nebraska is a place where God is honored, families thrive, life is cherished, and religious liberty flourishes.

Partner with Nebraska Family Alliance to protect the values we cherish.

Nate Grasz

Nate Grasz

Policy Director
Nate is the Policy Director at Nebraska Family Alliance and host of the Capitol Connection podcast.