UPDATE (Mar. 26, 2018): Nebraska state senators have twice failed to advance the state budget bill, LB944, to the next round of debate after a filibuster related to the Title X provision.

Despite this setback, the pro-life Title X provision remains intact. Senators will again debate the budget, perhaps as soon as Tuesday, March 27th.

The second motion to advance the budget failed by just two votes. This is how senators voted:

Yes: Albrecht, Bolz, Bostelman, Brasch, Brewer, Briese, Clements, Ebke, Erdman, Friesen, Geist, Groene, Halloran, Hilgers, Hilkemann, Hughes, Kolterman, Kuehn, Larson, Lindstrom, Linehan, Lowe, McDonnell, Murante, Riepe, Scheer, Smith, Stinner, Thibodeau, Watermeier, and Williams.

No: Chambers, Hansen, Kolowski, Krist, Morfeld, Pansing-Brooks, Schumacher.

Present Not Voting: Baker, Blood, Crawford, Harr, Howard, McCollister, Vargas, Walz, Wayne, Wishart

Excused Absence: Quick

If your senator voted yes, thank them for voting to advance the budget with the Title X language intact. If your senator voted no or chose not to vote, please ask them to reconsider their position and to vote to advance the budget with the Title X language intact. (Not sure if your senator is? Find out here).

Nebraska State Senators

Not sure who your senator is? Find out here.

NameDist.E-mailPhone # (402)CityCapitol Office #
Albrecht, Joni17jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov471-2716Thurston2010
Baker, Roy30rbaker@leg.ne.gov 471-2620 Lincoln1208
Blood, Carol3cblood@leg.ne.gov471-2627Bellevue1021
Bolz, Kate29kbolz@leg.ne.gov471-2734Lincoln1015
Bostelman, Bruce23bbostelman@leg.ne.gov471-2719Brainard1118
Brasch, Lydia16lbrasch@leg.ne.gov471-2728Bancroft1022
Brewer, Tom43tbrewer@leg.ne.gov471-2628Gordon1202
Briese, Tom41tbriese@leg.ne.gov471-2631Albion1120
Chambers, Ernie11none471-2612Omaha1302
Clements, Robert2rclements@leg.ne.gov471-2613Papillion1523
Crawford, Sue45scrawford@leg.ne.gov471-2615Bellevue1016
Ebke, Laura32lebke@leg.ne.gov 471-2711 Crete1103
Erdman, Steve47serdman@leg.ne.gov471-2616Bayard1529
Friesen, Curt34cfriesen@leg.ne.gov471-2630 Henderson1110
Geist, Suzanne25sgeist@leg.ne.gov471-2731Lincoln1115
Groene, Mike42mgroene@leg.ne.gov 471-2729 North Platte1107
Halloran, Steve33shalloran@leg.ne.gov471-2712Hastings1306
Hansen, Matt26mhansen@leg.ne.gov471-2610 Lincoln1017
Harr, Burke8bharr@leg.ne.gov471-2722Omaha2011
Hilgers, Mike 21mhilgers@leg.ne.gov471-2673Lincoln1404
Hilkemann, Robert4rhilkemann@leg.ne.gov 471-2621 Omaha2028
Howard, Sara9showard@leg.ne.gov471-2723Omaha1012
Hughes, Dan44dhughes@leg.ne.gov 471-2805 Venango1210
Kolowski, Rick31rkolowski@leg.ne.gov471-2327Omaha1018
Kolterman, Mark24mkolterman@leg.ne.gov 471-2756 Seward2004
Krist, Bob10bkrist@leg.ne.gov471-2718Omaha1114
Kuehn, John38jkuehn@leg.ne.gov 471-2732 Heartwell2000
Larson, Tyson40tlarson@leg.ne.gov471-2801O'Neil1019
Lindstrom, Brett18blindstrom@leg.ne.gov 471-2618 Omaha1401
Linehan, Lou Ann39llinehan@leg.ne.gov471-2885Elkhorn1117
Lowe, John37jlowe@leg.ne.gov471-2726Kearney1528
McCollister, John20jmccollister@leg.ne.gov 471-2622 Omaha1101
McDonnell, Mike5mmcdonnell@leg.ne.gov471-2710Omaha2107
Morfeld, Adam46amorfeld@leg.ne.gov 471-2720 Lincoln1008
Murante, John49jmurante@leg.ne.gov471-2725Gretna1423
Pansing Brooks, Patty28ppansingbrooks@leg.ne.gov 471-2633 Lincoln1206
Quick, Dan35dquick@leg.ne.gov471-2617Grand Island1406
Riepe, Marv12mriepe@leg.ne.gov 471-2623 Ralston1402
Scheer, Jim 19jscheer@leg.ne.gov471-2929Norfolk2103
Schumacher, Paul22pschumacher@leg.ne.gov471-2715Columbus1124
Smith, Jim14jsmith@leg.ne.gov471-2730Papillion1116
Stinner, John48jstinner@leg.ne.gov 471-2802 Gering1004
Thibodeau, Theresa6tthibodeau@leg.ne.gov 471-2714 Omaha1522
Vargas, Tony7tvargas@leg.ne.gov471-2721Omaha1000
Walz, Lynne15lwalz@leg.ne.gov471-2625 Fremont1403
Watermeier, Dan1dwatermeier@leg.ne.gov471-2733Syracuse2108
Wayne, Justin13jwayne@leg.ne.gov471-2727Omaha1212
Williams, Matt36mwilliams@leg.ne.gov 471-2642Gothenburg2015
Wishart, Anna27awishart@leg.ne.gov471-2632Lincoln1308


Whether you write an email or make a phone call, please be polite and respectful. Choose two bullet points from below to craft your own message.

“Hello, my name is [Full Name] and I am from [City]. I am contacting you to ask that you support Section 71 of LB 944 to ensure Title X grants no longer subsidize the abortion industry.

  • Although taxpayer funding of abortion is illegal, taxpayer money subsidizes the abortion industry in Nebraska via Title X funds.
  • When Congress initiated the Title X grant program, its expressed will was that funds would not be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning. However, over the years millions of taxpayer dollars have been distributed to abortion clinics.
  • This language ensures the accountability and integrity of Nebraska’s Title X program and the separation of Title X services from abortion services.
  • Last year, Congress passed and President Trump signed H.J. Res. 43 into law, giving states the power to divert Title X funds away from clinics that perform, counsel in favor of or refer for abortion. This provides an opportunity for one of the most significant pro-life victories in Nebraska in many years.
  • Adopting this provision, will not reduce the amount of Title X funds available for distribution or access to Title X services.

Please support the Title X language in the budget that ends taxpayer subsidies of the abortion industry. How do you plan to vote on this important issue? Thank you for your time and for considering my request.

[Full Name]


Nebraska Family Alliance
Nebraska Family Alliance exists to advance Family, Freedom and Life by influencing policy, mobilizing prayer, and empowering people.
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