We have the opportunity to seize one of the most significant pro-life victories in Nebraska in years by ending taxpayer subsidies of the abortion industry.

Thanks to recent action from Congress, states can now prohibit the distribution of Title X grants to clinics that provide, counsel in favor of, or refer for abortion. Governor Ricketts’ 2018 budget proposal, LB 944, includes such a pro-life provision in Section 71.

However, when the Appropriations Committee held the public hearing for this provision on Monday, February 5th, it quickly became clear that a key senator who had initially supported the provision was re-considering his vote: Republican Senator Bob Hilkemann, representative of District 4 in Omaha.

Without Sen. Hilkemann’s support, it is unlikely Section 71 of LB 944 will remain intact when the bill is advanced to the full legislature. Senator Hilkemann needs to hear from you TODAY. We’ve been informed he has heard 10-1 against the provision from pro-choice activists.

Please contact Senator Hilkemann and ask him to vote YES on the Title X language in Governor Ricketts’ budget proposal. CC Nebraska Family Alliance to your message so NFA can verify the number of contacts Senator Hilkemann receives.

Senator Bob Hilkemann

Office: (402) 471-2621

Email: rhilkemann@leg.ne.gov

CC: info@nebraskafamilyalliance.org


Whether you write an email or make a phone call, please be polite and respectful. Choose two bullet points from below to craft your own message.

“Hello, my name is [Full Name] and I am from [City]. I am contacting you to ask that you support Section 71 of LB 944. I understand this bill is before the Appropriations Committee and your vote is critical to ensure Title X grants no longer subsidize the abortion industry.

  • Although taxpayer funding of abortion is illegal, taxpayer money subsidizes the abortion industry in Nebraska via Title X funds.
  • When Congress initiated the Title X grant program, its expressed will was that funds would not be used in programs where abortion is a method of family planning. However, over the years millions of taxpayer dollars have been distributed to abortion clinics.
  • This language ensures the accountability and integrity of Nebraska’s Title X program and the separation of Title X services from abortion services.
  • Last year, Congress passed and President Trump signed H.J. Res. 43 into law, giving states the power to divert Title X funds away from clinics that perform, counsel in favor of or refer for abortion. This provides an opportunity for one of the most significant pro-life victories in Nebraska in many years.
  • Adopting this provision, will not reduce the amount of Title X funds available for distribution or access to Title X services.

Please vote YES on Section 71 of LB 944 to advance it from committee. How do you plan to vote on this important issue? Thank you for your time and for considering my request.

[Full Name]


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