This is a big moment for our state.

LB 814, which will end dismemberment abortion in Nebraska, remains locked in committee, but now the full legislature will be voting on a “pull motion” to bring the bill out of committee so it can be debated by the legislature.

What is a pull motion?

A pull motion is a legislative process that can be used to move a bill out of committee without a vote from the committee. When a pull motion is filed, each state senator gets to vote on whether or not to pull the bill from committee to bring it to the full legislature for debate.

State senators will be voting next week to pull LB 814 out of the Judiciary Committee.

If the pull motion is successful, LB 814 will have the opportunity to pass into law. If the pull motion is defeated, the bill will remain in committee and not advance this session.

Will you please take a moment to call or email your senator?

Planned Parenthood is working hard to defeat this bill by keeping it locked in committee. It’s critical that senators hear from their constituents urging them to vote “Yes” on the pull motion for LB 814. 

No living human being should be torn apart limb by limb. Nebraska can—and we must—do better for women and preborn children in our state.

Contact your state senator and ask them to vote “Yes” on the pull motion for LB 814.

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