The Nebraska Legislature just voted to advance LB 574, the Let Them Grow Act, overcoming an eight-hour filibuster! 

33 votes were needed to invoke cloture, which ends debate and allows a bill to be voted on. 

33 senators voted “yes,” and 16 voted “no.” Click here to see how your senator voted!

25 votes were then needed to advance the bill, and 30 senators voted to advance LB 574 after successfully invoking cloture. Click here to see how your senator voted. 

Our children are our state’s greatest resource, and we must protect their developing minds, bodies, and hearts. States around the country, including Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and South Dakota, have already passed similar measures, and more are poised to follow. Today’s vote is a historic step toward prioritizing the health and safety of children in Nebraska. 

Giving kids puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and even transgender surgeries causes real harm and permanent damage. Children who are struggling to embrace their biological sex need love, support, and time—not experimental procedures with life-altering, irreversible consequences.

Nebraska Family Alliance is committed to ensuring LB 574 becomes law this session, and we’ll continue to update you as the bill advances through the legislature, letting you know when you need to take action and pray. 

LB 574 must go through two more rounds of debate, and senators are facing enormous pressure.

If your state senator voted to advance the Let Them Grow Act, please send them a quick note thanking them for supporting this bill. 

We will protect kids from “gender transition” practices that are halting children’s natural development and ensure they receive help, not harm.


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