The language for the ballot initiative seeking to create a right to abortion in our state constitution has been released, and now we know what we’re up against: an all-out attempt to legalize abortion until birth. 

Abortion advocacy groups will begin collecting signatures and spending millions of dollars to confuse and mislead voters. NFA will work tirelessly alongside our pro-life allies at Nebraska Right to Life, Nebraska Catholic Conference, and Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America to help set the facts straight on what this initiative really does and why it must be rejected. 

What the Language Says 

“All persons shall have a fundamental right to abortion until fetal viability, or when needed to protect the life or health of the pregnant patient, without interference from the state or its political subdivisions. Fetal viability means the point in pregnancy when, in the professional judgment of the patient’s treating health care practitioner, there is a significant likelihood of the fetus’ sustained survival outside the uterus without the application of extraordinary medical measures.”

What This Means for Nebraska

Nebraska law allows abortion in the first trimester and even longer for cases of rape and incest, and we have clear exceptions for the life of the mother and medical emergencies throughout pregnancy. What abortion advocates are proposing in this initiative is late-term abortion throughout pregnancy and the ability for minors to obtain abortions without parental notification.

Viability is defined as being based solely on the abortionist’s judgment and would allow abortions in the second and third trimesters. It is also well established that babies feel pain before viability, at 15 weeks or earlier, meaning babies who can experience pain would be subjected to painful late-term abortion procedures.

The initiative language contains a vague “health” exception that is also determined entirely by the abortionist. Courts have found such exceptions include non-physical factors, such as emotional, spiritual, and financial, and opens the door to abortions up until birth. 

A “fundamental right to abortion…without interference from the state” puts existing medical safeguards that protect the health and safety of women at risk of being eliminated. This includes informed consent statutes and requirements that the abortion be performed in person and by a licensed doctor. 

“All persons” includes children. This would create a right to abortion for minors and eliminate our parental consent statute, meaning parents will not have any ability to consent or even know if their child seeks or obtains an abortion.

Women, children, and families in Nebraska deserve real love and support, not dangerous proposals to support the abortion industry at the expense of parental rights, the health and safety of women, and the lives of precious baby boys and girls. 

What You Can Do 

Decline to sign. The group supporting this initiative, “Protect Our Rights Nebraska,” has until July 2024 to collect roughly 122,000 signatures from registered voters in Nebraska. If you see someone collecting signatures, decline to sign and politely encourage others in the area not to sign.

Share this information. We need to reach as many people as possible with the truth. Be on the lookout for future updates, resources, videos, and educational tools to share with your friends, family, co-workers, and church community.

Pray. This is not a “political” issue. This is a Biblical issue, and we must pray for life and the truth to prevail in Nebraska. 

Contribute to our efforts to protect life, educate voters, and defeat the abortion industry’s agenda.


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