Today, in a major vote, Nebraska State Senators successfully adopted and advanced an amendment to LB 574, the “Let Them Grow Act,” that will protect preborn babies from abortion at 12 weeks gestation in addition to prohibiting “gender-altering” surgeries on minors.

Elective abortion and “gender-altering” surgeries violate the first duty of medicine: do no harm.

By advancing LB 574 with the 12-week amendment, senators are establishing as much legal protection as possible at this time for vulnerable children while resoundingly rejecting the extreme tactics that have been used to prevent these common-sense proposals from moving forward.

Senators voted 33-14 to end the filibuster and allow a vote on the amendment and underlying bill. 33 votes were needed. See how senators voted here.

See how your senator voted to end the filibuster on LB 574!

Senators then voted 33-15 to adopt the amendment. 25 votes were needed. See how senators voted here.

The amended version of LB 574 must go through one more final round of debate before being sent to Governor Pillen’s desk.

In a statement, Governor Pillen said, “Our kids are our future, and the advancement of LB 574 is an important step in protecting that future. I applaud the senators who voted for LB 574 and stood up for our commonsense, conservative values. I am proud to have partnered with conservative senators in this fight and look forward to signing the bill upon final passage.”

If your senator voted to advance LB 574 with the 12-week amendment, please thank and encourage them.

Children who are struggling with gender dysphoria need real care and support, not harmful, irreversible surgeries. Nebraska currently allows abortion until 20 weeks, and our state’s 20-week abortion law has remained unchanged since 2010. Only seven countries worldwide, including China and North Korea, allow elective abortions this late, leaving our state at risk of becoming a destination state for abortion.

As amended, LB 574 will prohibit elective abortion after 12 weeks gestation, protect children from transgender surgeries, ensure no taxpayer dollars are used for “gender-altering” procedures, and establish a stringent rules and regulations process for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

Despite the many obstacles and challenges we have faced this session, you have remained committed to protecting Nebraska’s children—born and unborn. You’ve contacted your senator, prayed, and shown up. We are as resolved as ever to continue working to see every life—from the moment of conception—valued, cherished, and protected.

“The advancement of LB 574 with the 12-week amendment is a victory for vulnerable children and a rejection of the extreme tactics that were used to prevent these common-sense proposals from moving forward,” said NFA Policy Director Nate Grasz. “We will continue working to ensure children receive help and not harmful, irreversible surgeries, and innocent babies in the womb receive the love and protection they deserve.”

We will keep you informed as we approach the final vote. Thank you for your faithful prayers and advocacy to advance family, freedom, and life!


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