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Capitol Connection Episode 59

Senator Ben Sasse: Celebrating Every Human’s Dignity

U.S. Senator for Nebraska Ben Sasse recently published an important and heartfelt piece about celebrating the dignity of every human being.

While some countries such as Iceland and Denmark boast about eliminating Down Syndrome through abortion, Senator Sasse argues that every person, regardless of any health condition or diagnosis, has inherent dignity worthy of not only protecting, but celebrating.

“For the past couple weeks, and especially this weekend, Melissa and I have thought of this little guy, Lucas, Gerber’s famous “Spokesbaby” for 2018. He’s all the things we know and love about babies – sweetness, joy, and undeniable cuteness. But Lucas is something more: a vivid picture of the dignity of all human beings. Lucas is an adorable baby, and Lucas has Down Syndrome.

Lucas’ dignity is inherent, given by God, and it stays with him past the cute, cuddly phase of babyhood.

The truth of who he is stands in stark contrast with some of the news we see coming out of Europe lately. In Iceland, and in Denmark, there are actually groups that brag, “we’re closer to getting to 100% than anybody else. We’re going to be first to be 100% Down Syndrome free.”

Sadly, they’re not talking about a near miraculous scientific breakthrough. They’re crowing about eliminating these babies before they’re born because it’s now possible to screen for Down Syndrome at such an early age. In France, there is actually a movement to make it illegal to show an ad featuring a Down Syndrome baby who has become a happy and healthy Down Syndrome kid because it might move people to compassion(!).

The contrast between the values displayed across Nebraska and those being bragged about in Europe is hard for Melissa and me to stomach.”

Senator Sasse goes on to share several recent stories of people and communities across Nebraska recognizing and celebrating young people with Down Syndrome.

“The celebration and acknowledgement of these young people is encouraging, especially in sharp contrast to places around the world, where all babies are NOT valued, in every form, as being created in the image of God. That’s why we hold on so tightly to these simple, but powerful, stories of human dignity that remind us to look for the beauty and value in others, regardless of our differences.” 

Senator Sasse is right. Dignity matters, and at a time when abortion rates for babies with Down Syndrome continue to rise, those willing to recognize and fight for the inherent dignity of every human being deserve praise.

Listen to this week’s Capitol Connection Podcast for more insight on protecting life and advancing the pro-life movement in Nebraska.

Senator Sasse’s post was originally published on his Facebook page where it can be read in its entirety.

Nate Grasz

Nate Grasz

Policy Director at Nebraska Family Alliance
Nate is the Policy Director of Nebraska Family Alliance and host of Capitol Connection, a weekly radio show on 94.5 The Answer and available on iTunes.
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