Encourage Your Senator to Vote “NO” on LB 627 and Defend Religious Freedom

Nebraska state senators will soon be considering LB 627 to adopt sexual-orientation and gender identity (SOGI) as a protected class.

This legislation undermines constitutional freedoms, targets small businesses, threaten women’s equality and privacy, and empowers the government to punish people of faith for their religious beliefs on marriage and sexuality.

We all agree that arbitrary discrimination is wrong. Unfortunately, laws like LB 627 are consistently used as a sword against people of faith rather than as a shield against discrimination.

Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, is willing to serve all people, but not celebrate all occasions. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission has sought to punish Jack under their statewide SOGI law for not creating custom same-sex wedding and gender transition cakes.

♦ Pascha Thomasfive-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted in her school restroom by a male classmate who identifies as “gender fluid.” He was given access to the girls’ restroom through Georgia’s school SOGI policy.

♦ Downtown Hope Center is a homeless shelter for women who have suffered rape, physical abuse, and domestic violence. The shelter is being pressured to house biological men to meet the requirement of Anchorage, Alaska’s SOGI law.

Learn more read “The Victims of SOGI Laws.”

These laws are the number one vehicle used to undermine religious freedom, and even our religious institutions such as churches, Christian schools, women’s shelters, hospitals, and faith-based adoption agencies would NOT be protected. 

Learn “How LB 627 Will Affect My Business, My Work, & My Church” if passed.

Watch LB 627 testimony from Matt Sharp, Senior Legal Counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, and from Karen Bowling, Executive Director from Nebraska Family Alliance.


Senators need to hear from you! Contact your senator to defend religious freedom rights of all Nebraskans and oppose LB 627.

Step 1: Identify Your State Senator

Wondering who is your senator? Enter your zip code on this interactive map to find out!

Step 2: Look Up Contact Info for Your State Senator

NameDist.E-mailPhone # (402)CityCapitol Office #
Albrecht, Joni17jalbrecht@leg.ne.gov471-2716Thurston1404
Arch, John14jarch@leg.ne.gov471-2730La Vista8th Floor
Blood, Carol3cblood@leg.ne.gov471-2627Bellevue1021
Bolz, Kate29kbolz@leg.ne.gov471-2734Lincoln1015
Bostelman, Bruce23bbostelman@leg.ne.gov471-2719Brainard8th Floor
Brandt, Tom32tbrandt@leg.ne.gov 471-2711 Plymouth12th Floor
Brewer, Tom43tbrewer@leg.ne.gov471-2628Gordon1423
Briese, Tom41tbriese@leg.ne.gov471-2631Albion1019
Cavanaugh, Machaela6mcavanaugh@leg.ne.gov 471-2714 Omaha11th Floor
Chambers, Ernie11none471-2612Omaha1302
Clements, Robert2rclements@leg.ne.gov471-2613Elmwood8th Floor
Crawford, Sue45scrawford@leg.ne.gov471-2615Bellevue1012
DeBoer, Wendy10wdeboer@leg.ne.gov471-2718Bennington11th Floor
Dorn, Myron30mdorn@leg.ne.gov 471-2620 Adams1208
Erdman, Steve47serdman@leg.ne.gov471-2616Bayard12th Floor
Friesen, Curt34cfriesen@leg.ne.gov471-2630 Henderson1308
Geist, Suzanne25sgeist@leg.ne.gov471-2731Lincoln12th Floor
Gragert, Tim40tgragert@leg.ne.gov471-2801Creighton11th Floor
Groene, Mike42mgroene@leg.ne.gov 471-2729 North Platte1306
Halloran, Steve33shalloran@leg.ne.gov471-2712Hastings1022
Hansen, Ben16bhansen@leg.ne.gov471-2728Blair11th Floor
Hansen, Matt26mhansen@leg.ne.gov471-2610 Lincoln2011
Hilgers, Mike 21mhilgers@leg.ne.gov471-2673Lincoln2000
Hilkemann, Robert4rhilkemann@leg.ne.gov 471-2621 Omaha13th Floor
Howard, Sara9showard@leg.ne.gov471-2723Omaha1402
Hughes, Dan44dhughes@leg.ne.gov 471-2805 Venango1210
Hunt, Megan8mhunt@leg.ne.gov471-2722Omaha11th Floor
Kolowski, Rick31rkolowski@leg.ne.gov471-2327Omaha1018
Kolterman, Mark24mkolterman@leg.ne.gov 471-2756 Seward2004
La Grone, Andrew49alagrone@leg.ne.gov471-2725Gretna1206
Lathrop, Steve12slathrop@leg.ne.gov 471-2623 Omaha1202
Lindstrom, Brett18blindstrom@leg.ne.gov 471-2618 Omaha2015
Linehan, Lou Ann39llinehan@leg.ne.gov471-2885Elkhorn1305
Lowe, John37jlowe@leg.ne.gov471-2726Kearney12th Floor
McCollister, John20jmccollister@leg.ne.gov 471-2622 Omaha1017
McDonnell, Mike5mmcdonnell@leg.ne.gov471-2710Omaha13th Floor
Morfeld, Adam46amorfeld@leg.ne.gov 471-2720 Lincoln1008
Moser, Mike22mmoser@leg.ne.gov471-2715Columbus12th Floor
Murman, Dave38dmurman@leg.ne.gov 471-2732 Glenvil12th Floor
Pansing Brooks, Patty28ppansingbrooks@leg.ne.gov 471-2633 Lincoln1016
Quick, Dan35dquick@leg.ne.gov471-2617Grand Island1406
Scheer, Jim 19jscheer@leg.ne.gov471-2929Norfolk2010
Slama, Julie1jslama@leg.ne.gov471-2733Peru11th Floor
Stinner, John48jstinner@leg.ne.gov 471-2802 Gering1004
Vargas, Tony7tvargas@leg.ne.gov471-2721Omaha1000
Walz, Lynne15lwalz@leg.ne.gov471-2625 Fremont1403
Wayne, Justin13jwayne@leg.ne.gov471-2727Omaha1212
Williams, Matt36mwilliams@leg.ne.gov 471-2642Gothenburg1401
Wishart, Anna27awishart@leg.ne.gov471-2632Lincoln8th Floor

Capitol Mailing Address         

Senator _________________________
District # ____ State Capitol
PO Box 94604
Lincoln, NE  68509-4604

Step 3: Call, Email, or Write Your State Senator


Whether you write an email or make a phone call, please be polite and respectful. Choose bullet points from below to craft your own message.

“Hello, my name is [Full Name] and I am from [City]. I am contacting you to ask that you oppose LB 627 to ensure religious freedom for all Nebraskans.”

  • Every American should be free to live and work according to their faith without fear of unjust punishment by the government. Citizens should not be forced to express ideas or celebrate events that violate their beliefs.

  • These proposals require sex-specific facilities, like women’s locker rooms, showers, and restrooms, to admit individuals in accordance with their chosen gender identity. Where enacted, they’ve been used to force women to share a locker room with men who profess a female identity and to allow men to sleep alongside women in women’s domestic violence shelters.

  • The citizens of Nebraska, like most Americans, do not refuse to hire people simply because they are gay, lesbian, or don’t fit typical gender norms. Not only are the people of Nebraska tolerant and fair-minded, the free market would swiftly impose substantial costs on anyone engaged in baseless discrimination.

  • Under this legislation, Americans who gladly serve everyone – including those who identify as gay and lesbian – face lawsuits, government fines, or even jail time because they declined to participate in an event or create a specific message which conflicts with their conscience.

  • Laws that single out and punish citizens on the basis of their peacefully expressed beliefs should be rejected. These divisive laws take away constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and provoke intolerance toward people who have beliefs different than those in political power.

  • Laws like LB 627 are used as swords against people of faith and those with traditional understandings of marriage and sexuality.

  • The government should not pick winners and losers on topics of deep significance to most Americans.

“I would urge you to oppose LB 627. Thank you for your time and for considering my request.”

[Full Name]


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