Legislation that would legalize physician assisted suicide in Nebraska has been defeated for the year, after an attempt by the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Ernie Chambers, to pull the bill (LB1056) from committee failed.

Following less than one hour of debate, a vote was taken on Sen. Chambers’ motion to pull LB1056 from a dead-locked Judiciary committee and bring the bill before the full legislature for debate.  The result was 9 senators voting in favor of the pull motion, 28 against, 6 present and not voting and 6 excused.

While this legislation is now officially dead as a result of the failed pull motion, Sen. Chambers announced that he would bring this legislation back each session during the next four years if he is re-elected this fall.

Implementing so-called “aid in dying” legislation is a dangerous policy that NFA will continue to fervently oppose and work to prevent from being brought to Nebraska.

Doctor prescribed suicide is a bad solution for the wrong problem. It corrupts the practice of medicine and endangers our most vulnerable citizens: the sick, disabled, and elderly. Doctor prescribed suicide promotes the view that these individuals are not people to be loved but burdens to be managed.

We recognize and empathize that there can be pain and suffering during an individual’s end of life, which is why we believe in offering true compassion rather than prescribing death. Our only focus and attention when dealing with this difficult issue should be on improving end of life care by responding to suffering with appropriate medical care and human presence, not abandonment.

NFA believes in recognizing the dignity of every human being, and that life should be cherished and protected at all stages, for all people.

Nate Grasz

Nate Grasz

Policy Director
Nate is the Policy Director at Nebraska Family Alliance and host of the Capitol Connection podcast.