Lincoln and Omaha are holding important municipal elections this May.

The Lincoln General Election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 4th, and the Omaha General Election will be held Tuesday, May 11th.

To help empower you to make an informed decision, Nebraska Family Alliance surveyed the candidates and published the first Nebraska Family Alliance City Voter Guide

On our candidate surveys, you’ll learn where local candidates stand on key issues related to life, religious freedom, and comprehensive sex education.

Download and print our easy-to-read voter guide on our website and send it to your family and friends. Our voter guide is nonpartisan and 501(c)(3) friendly, which means you can also share it with your church!

Access your voter guide to view candidate positions on life, family, and freedom!

In addition to the candidate surveys, you can find sample ballots, helpful information about your polling place and county election office, and election prayer guides on our 2021 Election Resource Center!

The representatives you elect this spring will have lasting effects on your family, your freedom, and your community, and your vote will determine the outcome of this competitive election.

This election, understand the issues, know the candidates, vote your values, pray Godly candidates are elected, and share our election resources with your neighbors.

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Nebraska Family Alliance exists to advance family, freedom and life by influencing policy, mobilizing prayer, and empowering people.
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