As Christian citizens living in a democracy, we have the responsibility to be well-informed and elect leaders who support Biblical principles. We have the opportunity to do this in the Lincoln and Omaha municipal elections this spring.

Please vote in the Lincoln and Omaha Primary Elections this Tuesday, April 6th, and mark your calendar to vote in the General Election.

The City of Lincoln will hold a General Election on Tuesday, May 4th, and the Omaha General Election is scheduled for Tuesday, May 11th.

Local elections matter, and the candidates that advance will make important decisions regarding your neighborhood, your children’s school, and your family in the coming years.

Our vision is to see Nebraska become a state where God is honored, marriages and families thrive, life is cherished and protected, and religious liberty flourishes, and that vision begins with your community.

To help Lincoln and Omaha residents maximize their votes, Nebraska Family Alliance put together an election resource center.

Scroll down to learn which candidates you’ll find on the ballot and look up your polling place. The polls will be open from 8 AM to 8 PM on Election Day. Vote your values, pray God-honoring candidates advance, and share our election resources with your friends and family!

1. Research the candidates

Lincoln City Council
(Vote for up to three)
    • Tom Beckius (Democrat)
    • Eric Burling (Republican)
    • Councilman Roy Christensen (Republican)
    • Mary Hilton (Republican)
    • Peter Kolozsy (Independent)
    • Elina Newman (Independent)
    • Trevor Reilly (Libertarian)
    • Councilman Bennie Shobe (Democrat)
    • Maggie Mae Squires (Independent)
    • Joseph Swanson (Independent)
    • Councilwoman Sändra Washington (Democrat)
    • Aurang Zeb (Democrat)
Lincoln Airport Authority
(Vote for up to two)
    • Nicki Behmer (Independent)
    • Jason Krueger (Independent)
    • John Olsson (Republican)
    • Tracy Refior (Republican)
LPS Board of Education – District 1
(Vote for one)
    • Christina Campbell (Republican)
    • Board Member Kathy Danek (Democrat)
    • Colette Yellow Robe (Democrat)
LPS Board of Education – District 3
(Vote for one)
    • Board Member Barbara Baier (Democrat)
LPS Board of Education – District 5
(Vote for one)
    • Board Member Lanny Boswell (Republican)
LPS Board of Education – District 7
(Vote for one)
    • Board Member Don Mayhew (Democrat)
    • Michael Patestas (Republican)
Omaha Mayor
(Vote for one)
    • Mark Gudgel (Democrat)
    • Jasmine Harris (Democrat)
    • R.J. Neary (Democrat)
    • Kimara Snipes (Democrat)
    • Mayor Jean Stothert (Republican)
Omaha City Council – District 1
(Vote for one)
    • Paul Anderson (Republican)
    • Councilman Pete Festersen (Democrat)
    • Sarah Johnson (Independent)
    • Tyeisha Kosmicki (Republican)
Omaha City Council – District 2
(Vote for one)
    • Steven Abraham (Democrat)
    • Councilman Ben Gray (Democrat)
    • Juanita Johnson (Democrat)
    • Jonathan Lathan (Democrat)
    • David Mitchell (Democrat)
    • Cornelius Williams (Democrat)
Omaha City Council – District 3
(Vote for one)
    • Gilbert Ayala (Republican)
    • Jen Bauer (Independent)
    • Danny Begley (Democrat)
    • Cammy Watkins (Independent)
Omaha City Council – District 4
(Vote for one)
    • Becky Barrientos-Patlan (Republican)
    • Ben Cass (Democrat)
    • Councilman Vinny Palermo (Democrat)
    • Sarah Smolen (Democrat)
Omaha City Council – District 5
(Vote for one)
    • Councilwoman Colleen Brennan (Democrat)
    • Kate Gotsdiner (Democrat)
    • Kathleen Kauth (Republican)
    • Patrick Leahy (Democrat)
    • Jeff Moore (Republican)
    • Don Rowe (Republican)
    • Destiny Stark (Democrat)
Omaha City Council – District 6
(Vote for one)
    • Councilman Brinker Harding (Republican)
    • Naomi Hattaway (Democrat)
Omaha City Council – District 7
(Vote for one)
    • Sara Kohen (Democrat)
    • Councilwoman Aimee Melton (Republican)


Vote your values! The polls are open from 8 AM to 8 PM on Election Day. Early ballots must be returned by 8:00 PM on Election Day and can be dropped in secured ballot boxes at county election offices.
Visit the NFA Election Resource Center to download prayer guides and find more helpful resources.
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