All session, we have been fighting to advance legislation that will protect the unborn and stop harmful, irreversible “gender-altering” surgeries on minors.

Now, it’s all coming down to a final vote tomorrow. 

LB 574, which will protect preborn babies from abortion at 12 weeks gestation and prohibit “gender-altering” surgeries on minors, has been scheduled for a final round of debate this Friday, May 19th. 

“Final Reading,” the last stage of debate, is allotted two hours, and we expect the debate to start around 2:00 PM (CT) on Friday. We will livestream the debate on our Facebook page for you to watch and pray.

This is a critical moment for our state. Passing LB 574 into law will ensure vulnerable children receive help not harm, and finally change Nebraska’s elective abortion law after years of state-sanctioned abortions late into the second trimester.    

This legislation establishes as much legal protection that can be achieved at this time, and we will continue working to see every life valued, cherished, and protected. 

Your tireless prayers and advocacy have brought this landmark bill to the finish line, and now it’s time for one final call to action.

Here’s What You Can Do 

Pray: Senators need your prayers. We expect to see many protestors and disruptions to try to prevent senators from voting in favor of the bill. Please pray for courage and safety for our senators and all who will be present at the capitol on Friday, and pray that there will be 33 votes to pass LB 574 into law.

Contact Your Senator: Let your values and voice be heard! Contact your senator now and urge them to continue to stand for children and better protect innocent human life in our state by supporting LB 574.


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