Today is Nebraska’s Primary Election. Your vote will not only decide which candidates will advance to the General Election, it will determine the values and public policies that will be enacted in the coming years.

That’s why Nebraska Family Alliance surveyed the candidates and assembled our personalized, nonpartisan voter guide—available online in a side-by-side comparison. We researched the candidates for U.S. Senate, Congress, Nebraska Legislature, and State Board of Education and published where they stand on important issues like abortion, parental rights, girls’ sports, religious freedom, school choice, gambling, and more.

On, you’ll find additional information about the candidates you won’t see on your ballot, including the candidates’ party affiliation, incumbency status, and links to the candidates’ websites to learn more about their endorsements and policy positions.

The polls are open today from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM CT (7:00 AM to 7:00 PM MT), and each voter must cast their ballot at their assigned polling precinct (unless you live in one of the eleven counties that conduct elections completely by mail). If you still have an absentee ballot to return, hand-deliver it to your nearest ballot drop box before 8:00 PM CT (7:00 PM MT) tonight.

This will be the state’s first election with a voter ID law, and you must bring a valid photo ID with you to cast your ballot. Click here to learn more about acceptable forms of ID and frequently asked questions about the new requirements.

After you cast your ballot today, please join us in praying that truth, righteousness, and discernment will prevail. Use our Election Prayer Guides to pray that the voters, candidates, and election officials seek wisdom from God.

Finally, multiply your vote by encouraging your friends and family to vote for the candidates you support and help elect candidates who will uphold family values, defend religious freedom, and protect life in Nebraska for generations to come.

Nebraska Family Alliance
Nebraska Family Alliance exists to advance family, freedom and life by influencing policy, mobilizing prayer, and empowering people.