The Nebraska Legislature is on the verge of ending dismemberment abortion

LB 814 is currently being filibustered, but we have a path forward, and your action can help push LB 814 across the finish line. 

Every bill must go through three rounds of voting, and we need 33 votes to end the filibuster and advance LB 814 to the next round. 

With only seven days left of the session, we are pushing to get LB 814 back on the agenda, and we expect a vote early next week!


Several state senators remain undecided on LB 814.

Let the state senators know how important LB 814 is to you, and ask if we can count on them to vote in favor of cloture and the bill.

A cloture vote is required to end a filibuster and allow a vote to advance the bill. 33 votes are needed in order for cloture to be successful.


Here is a sample script you can use to make a phone call or send an email. Please be kind and respectful in any communication. 
Dear Senator,
My name is [FULL NAME], and as a citizen of Nebraska, I care deeply about how we treat the most vulnerable in our state. 
I am asking that you please support LB 814 and help end the practice of dismembering living preborn children in Nebraska. This type of inhumane procedure performed on a living baby should have no place in our society. 
I hope we all can agree that no living human being should be torn apart limb by limb. Our state can—and we must—do better for women and preborn children in our state. 
Can we count on your support for the cloture vote and LB 814?
Thank you for your time, and I hope you will vote in support of this important bill.

Senators’ Contact Information

NameDistrictEmailPhone NumberCity
Albrecht, 471-2716Thurston
Arch, 471-2730La Vista
Blood, 471-2627Bellevue
Bolz, 471-2734Lincoln
Bostelman, 471-2719Brainard
Brandt, (402) 471-2711 Plymouth
Brewer, 471-2628Gordon
Briese, 471-2631Albion
Cavanaugh, (402) 471-2714 Omaha
Chambers, Ernie11none(402) 471-2612Omaha
Clements, 471-2613Elmwood
Crawford, 471-2615Bellevue
DeBoer, 471-2718Bennington
Dorn, (402) 471-2620 Adams
Erdman, 471-2616Bayard
Friesen, 471-2630 Henderson
Geist, 471-2731Lincoln
Gragert, 471-2801Creighton
Groene, (402) 471-2729 North Platte
Halloran, 471-2712Hastings
Hansen, 471-2728Blair
Hansen, 471-2610 Lincoln
Hilgers, Mike 471-2673Lincoln
Hilkemann, (402) 471-2621 Omaha
Howard, 471-2723Omaha
Hughes, (402) 471-2805 Venango
Hunt, 471-2722Omaha
Kolowski, 471-2327Omaha
Kolterman, (402) 471-2756 Seward
La Grone, 471-2725Gretna
Lathrop, (402) 471-2623 Omaha
Lindstrom, (402) 471-2618 Omaha
Linehan, Lou 471-2885Elkhorn
Lowe, 471-2726Kearney
McCollister, (402) 471-2622 Omaha
McDonnell, 471-2710Omaha
Morfeld, (402) 471-2720 Lincoln
Moser, 471-2715Columbus
Murman, (402) 471-2732 Glenvil
Pansing Brooks, (402) 471-2633 Lincoln
Quick, 471-2617Grand Island
Scheer, Jim 471-2929Norfolk
Slama, 471-2733Peru
Stinner, (402) 471-2802 Gering
Vargas, 471-2721Omaha
Walz, 471-2625 Fremont
Wayne, 471-2727Omaha
Williams, (402) 471-2642Gothenburg
Wishart, 471-2632Lincoln

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