Today, the Nebraska Family Alliance team joined Governor Jim Pillen and pro-life senators at the Nebraska State Capitol for a special signing ceremony for LB 574, which protects preborn babies from abortion at 12 weeks gestation and prohibits “gender-altering” surgeries on children. 

LB 574 is now officially law in Nebraska! 

We are thankful for all of the senators who helped get the bill across the finish line and applaud Governor Pillen for his swift action to sign the bill into law and protect vulnerable children.

Preborn babies are now protected from abortion at 12 weeks gestation instead of 22 weeks, which until today had remained unchanged since 2010, and performing “gender-altering” surgeries on children will be prohibited.

The 12-week abortion restriction takes effect immediately, and the regulation of puberty blockers and ban on gender-altering surgeries for minors takes effect on October 1st.

Today, we have finally ended the practice of late-term abortion, stopped Nebraska from becoming a destination state for abortion, and ensured children receive help and not harm.

And this would not have been possible without you! Thank you for your faithful prayers, advocacy, and support. 

While we celebrate LB 574 becoming law, we’re not done. NFA is committed to working to ensure all preborn babies receive the love and protection they deserve, and that Nebraska is a state where God is honored, families thrive, life is cherished, and religious freedom flourishes.


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