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Today, the Legislature PASSED the state budget bill, LB 944, 38-6-3. A provision to prohibit the distribution of Title X federal grants to organizations that provide, counsel in favor of, or refer directly for abortion remains intact.

Please take a moment to thank the Governor, Lt. Governor and your state senator if they supported the language. Not sure who your senator is? Find out here.

Supporters of the Pro-Life Title X Provision

Ricketts, Gov. PeteN/Apete.ricketts@nebraska.gov
Foley, Lt. Gov. MikeN/Amike.foley@nebraska.gov
Albrecht, Joni17jalbrecht@leg.ne.govThurston
Bostelman, Bruce23bbostelman@leg.ne.govBrainard
Brasch, Lydia16lbrasch@leg.ne.govBancroft
Brewer, Tom43tbrewer@leg.ne.govGordon
Briese, Tom41tbriese@leg.ne.govAlbion
Clements, Robert2rclements@leg.ne.govPapillion
Ebke, Laura32lebke@leg.ne.gov Crete
Erdman, Steve47serdman@leg.ne.govBayard
Friesen, Curt34cfriesen@leg.ne.govHenderson
Geist, Suzanne25sgeist@leg.ne.govLincoln
Groene, Mike42mgroene@leg.ne.gov North Platte
Halloran, Steve33shalloran@leg.ne.govHastings
Hilgers, Mike 21mhilgers@leg.ne.govLincoln
Hilkemann, Robert4rhilkemann@leg.ne.gov Omaha
Hughes, Dan44dhughes@leg.ne.gov Venango
Kolterman, Mark24mkolterman@leg.ne.gov Seward
Kuehn, John38jkuehn@leg.ne.gov Heartwell
Larson, Tyson40tlarson@leg.ne.govO'Neil
Lindstrom, Brett18blindstrom@leg.ne.gov Omaha
Linehan, Lou Ann39llinehan@leg.ne.govElkhorn
Lowe, John37jlowe@leg.ne.govKearney
McDonnell, Mike5mmcdonnell@leg.ne.govOmaha
Murante, John49jmurante@leg.ne.govGretna
Riepe, Marv12mriepe@leg.ne.gov Ralston
Scheer, Jim 19jscheer@leg.ne.govNorfolk
Smith, Jim14jsmith@leg.ne.govPapillion
Stinner, John48jstinner@leg.ne.gov Gering
Thibodeau, Theresa6tthibodeau@leg.ne.gov Omaha
Watermeier, Dan1dwatermeier@leg.ne.govSyracuse
Williams, Matt36mwilliams@leg.ne.gov Gothenburg

Following the Legislature’s final vote, Nate Grasz, Policy Director of Nebraska Family Alliance, said:

“This is good news for pro-life Nebraskans. In 2015 and 2016, state audit reports showed malfeasance in how abortion clinics used Title X funds that could jeopardize the whole program. This language is a reasonable adjustment to Nebraska law that protects the valuable services of Title X by completely separating them from the abortion industry. Greater separation provides more accountability and transparency.”

The language is consistent with federal regulations and federal law. Last year, Congress passed and President Trump signed H.J. Res. 43 into law, giving states the power to divert Title X funds away from clinics that perform, counsel in favor of or refer for abortion.

A common misconception is that changing the Title X regulations will “cut Title X.” This is a myth. These changes do not reduce the amount of funds available for Title X services, and all current recipients can choose to follow the state regulations for separation of abortion activities and remain eligible.

Nebraska Family Alliance
Nebraska Family Alliance exists to advance Family, Freedom and Life by influencing policy, mobilizing prayer, and empowering people.
Nebraska Family Alliance
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