Recently my and husband and I took our kids on vacation. We were enjoying an outdoor meal at a resort one evening when an older gentleman stopped by our table.

After lavishing my children with compliments he turned to me and my husband and said “your family walked into the room and you could see the chemistry and you just don’t see that anymore these days.” He then gave us a thumbs up and went on his way.

For several moments after he walked away, we sat around the table looking at each other, speechless. Still, I can only attribute this experience to God showing his kindness towards us as a couple and as a family.

You see, we’re a blended family and not every day is a good day. I can say from personal experience that blended families come with their own unique set of challenges. When the good days and the blessings come, we are humbled by the grace of God. He sees, He knows and He cares. He cares about our marriage and the well-being of our children.

Too rarely do we take the time to thank God for the blessing of marriage and family. Perhaps its been a while since you’ve thanked God for your marriage and family? This week is National Marriage Week – a great opportunity to take extra time to thank God, and invest in our marriages.

Now more than ever children need to see their parents loving each other. Katy Faust described this perfectly in a recent interview:

We were all blessed that night by this man. I don’t know why he stopped by to share his heart with us, but he did. His simple statement reminded my husband and I to celebrate our marriage and family.

No matter where you are in your marriage – maybe its been a good year, maybe its been a hard year – I pray that you are able to find a way to celebrate your marriage with your spouse this week.

Sheila and SteveThis article is a guest post by Sheila C. of Omaha, Nebraska.

Sheila is currently a Torchbearer Intern with Nebraska Family Alliance


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