Today, the Legislature PASSED LB 1132 unanimously. It provides a procedure for victims of sex trafficking to have convictions set aside and sealed if they occurred while the individual was being trafficked.

In the fight against human trafficking, it has become clear that often women convicted of the crime of prostitution are actually victims. Karen Bowling, Executive Director of Nebraska Family Alliance, said:

As we’ve worked on this issue over the last eight years, I have met victims of sex-trafficking who struggled to find hope, healing, and acceptance in society, because of convictions related to prostitution. One such woman who comes to mind is Debbie. If this had been available ten years ago, it could have made a difference in her life. I believe this change will help many victims of sex-trafficking in the future.

Nebraska Family Alliance is proud to support LB 1132. We want to thank Senator Pansing Brooks for her commitment to fighting human trafficking and supporting victims.

Nebraska Family Alliance
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