Dear Majority Leader Schumer and Minority Leader McConnell,

We are endorsers of the Promise to America’s Children that makes clear in 10 critical principles that children’s minds and bodies should be nurtured and that their relationships with their parents should be safeguarded. We are concerned that our children are increasingly targeted for adults’ sexual messages, images, and themes at younger ages than ever before. They are exposed to content in schools, through both policies and curriculum, that promotes politicized information about sexual orientation and a destructive gender ideology.

By altering the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include two additional protected classes, sexual orientation and gender identity, the “Equality Act” politicizes children’s medicine and education with ideologies about gender identity and sexual orientation. Furthermore, the Equality Act asserts the power and funding of the federal government to spread adults’ sexual messages, images, and themes to children nationwide—regardless of state or local school district policy. For the same reason, compromise solutions such as “Fairness for All” that attempt to secure religious exemptions while still enshrining gender identity as a protected class in civil rights law also fail to protect children.

While we believe that all people, no matter who they are, have inherent dignity and should be treated with respect, the Equality Act, and any compromise that enshrines gender identity in civil rights law, actually creates greater inequality, hurting not only women, people of faith, religious organizations, employers, and medical professionals, but especially children and their parents.

There is strong disagreement among doctors about the push for “transitioning” children, even children who haven’t yet reached puberty, with actual physical interventions—such as halting the natural onset of puberty, the unnatural use of feminizing or masculinizing hormones (which leads to sterilization), or even surgery to alter or remove healthy body parts (such as double-mastectomies on 13-year-old girls). Under the Equality Act’s expansion of public accommodations in Title II and the addition of gender identity in Title VI, doctors who think it is bad medicine to treat gender dysphoria with physical interventions into a child’s body could be punished for “discrimination.” Counselors would be prohibited from helping children become comfortable with their bodies. There is no evidence that these interventions help and they become more dubious when one considers that 88 to 98 percent of children with gender dysphoria no longer feel distressed by their bodies after puberty—if they are not pushed into transitioning interventions by adults.

The Equality Act will have a tremendous impact on K-12 education. The changes in Title VI will lead to the loss of privacy and safety in single-sex spaces as well as athletic opportunities and scholarships for females that were made possible as a result of Title IX. Changes to Title IV could lead to the imposition of curriculum that will impact every public school in the nation, requiring controversial ideas about gender to be taught as early as pre-K and included in every aspect of curriculum, not limited to sexual education. The introduction of transgender policies and ideology in schools creates confusion among young children who are encouraged to question whether they could be “trapped in the wrong body” and who are too young to understand the implications of physical interventions on the body.

Furthermore, the Equality Act would harm children by driving wedges between them and the loving protection of their parents. If the Act passes, more and more parents will find themselves on the wrong side of law and policy if they object to their children being taught destructive ideas about their bodies or to physical interventions to affirm “gender identity.” It is outside the bounds of Congressional authority to cement controversial ideologies into law that harm kids and undermine parents’ relationships with their children.

Tragically, the Equality Act is a deeply broken proposal filled with nothing but broken promises to our children. As supporters of the Promise to America’s Children, we urge you to safeguard the children of this great nation and take to heart the concerns we have listed regarding the Equality Act.


Karen Bowling
Executive Director
Nebraska Family Alliance

Mike Farris
President and CEO
Alliance Defending Freedom

Jamison Coppola
Government Affairs Director
American Association of Christian Schools

Michelle Cretella, M.D.
Executive Director
American College of Pediatricians

April Readlinger
Executive Director

John Stonestreet
The Colson Center

Doreen Denny
Vice President of Government Relations
Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee

Colleen Holcomb
Eagle Forum

Ryan T. Anderson
Ethics and Public Policy Center

Kevin McGary
Every Black Life Matters

Craig DeRoche
President and CEO
Family Policy Alliance

Sharon Slater
Family Watch International

Jessica Anderson
Executive Director
Heritage Action for America

Jim Minnery
Alaska Family Action

Jerry Cox
Founder & President
Arkansas Family Council

Cathi Herrod
Center for Arizona Policy

Jonathan Keller
California Family Council

Debbie Chaves
Executive Director
Colorado Family Action

Peter Wolfgang
Executive Director
Family Policy Institute of Connecticut

Nicole Theis
Delaware Family Policy Council

John Stemberger
Florida Family Policy Council

Cole Muzio
President & Executive Director
Family Policy Alliance of Georgia

Eva Andrade
Hawaii Family Forum

Blaine Conzatti
President & Executive Director
Family Policy Alliance of Idaho

Bob Vander Plaats
President & CEO

Ryan McCann
Indiana Family Institute

Jeff Bennett
President & Executive Director
Family Policy Alliance of Kansas

Kent Ostrander
Executive Director
The Family Foundation (Kentucky)

Gene Mills
Louisiana Family Forum

Carroll Conley
Christian Civic League of Maine

Andrew Beckwith
Massachusetts Family Institute

Jeffrey Hewson
Michigan Family Forum

John Helmberger
Chief Executive Office
Minnesota Family Council

Jeff Laszloffy
Montana Family Foundation

Shawn Hyland
President & Executive Director
Family Policy Alliance of New Jersey

Victoria A. Jakelsky
State Director
NJ Parental Rights

John Paulton
Policy Director
Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico

Jason J. McGuire
New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation

John L. Rustin
North Carolina Family Policy Council

Mark Jorritsma
President & Executive Director
Family Policy Alliance of North Dakota

Aaron Baer
Center for Christian Virtue (Ohio)

Michael Geer
Pennsylvania Family Council

Dave Wilson
Palmetto Family (South Carolina)

Norman Woods
Executive Director
Family Heritage Alliance (South Dakota)

Jonathan Saenz
Texas Values

Victoria Cobb
The Family Foundation (Virginia)

Julaine Appling
Wisconsin Family Action

Nathan Winters
President & Executive Director
Family Policy Alliance of Wyoming

Nebraska Family Alliance
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