Last week, Nebraska Family Alliance (NFA) was at the Supreme Court during oral arguments in the FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine case. This case was filed by several pro-life doctors and national medical associations after the FDA removed safety protocols for high-risk abortion drugs, abandoning its duty to protect women’s health and safety. 

These safeguards included an initial in-person visit to screen for ectopic pregnancies and other serious conditions, and a follow-up visit to check for life-threatening complications like internal bleeding and infection.

Abortion-inducing drugs are dangerous. In 2011, Nebraska prohibited the prescription of abortion pills remotely or over a webcam, and in 2019, we passed a law providing women critical information about medication abortions.

NFA proudly cosigned an amicus brief with several family policy councils and pro-life organizations, asking the Supreme Court to restore FDA safeguards and protect women and girls.

The Supreme Court will likely release its decision in June. While Justices consider this important case, the Body of Christ must pray. Pray Justices will follow the law and hold the FDA accountable, hearts and minds will be changed, and our culture will see the inherent risks of chemical abortion and embrace life. 

Executive Director Karen Bowling was honored to pray on the steps of the Court with other pro-life leaders and students amidst a pro-abortion protest, share how Nebraska is leading the nation on this issue, and attend a debrief luncheon with the plaintiffs and legal counsel afterward.

In a statement, NFA Executive Director Karen Bowling said, “The FDA endangered women when it removed in-person doctor visits for harmful abortion drugs. Every woman deserves compassionate care that prioritizes our health and safety.

Abortion causes real harm. We will continue to work with local and national allies to ensure no woman ends up in an emergency room after taking dangerous abortion pills. We trust the Supreme Court will reinstate safety protocols to protect women.”


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