Proposed health education standards from the Nebraska Department of Education would teach school children politicized, age-inappropriate information and ideas about sex, abortion, sexual orientation, and gender identity—beginning in kindergarten. 

The draft standards promote abortion and transgenderism, teach children that gender is fluid, and inject activist talking points into curriculum and classrooms.

This is an attempt to hijack school health education standards with an agenda-driven, comprehensive sex education mandate. 

Many of the themes in the proposed health education standards are sensitive topics that should be addressed by parents at home, not by school districts.

What’s In the Proposed Health Education Standards? 

Under the new, draft health education standards from the Nebraska Department of Education:

      • Kindergarteners would be taught about cohabitating and same-gender families.
      • First-graders would be taught to define “gender identity and gender-role stereotypes.”
      • Fourth-graders would be taught that sex is “assigned” at birth and gender is fluid. 
      • Fifth-graders would be taught that “gender expression and gender identity exist along a spectrum.”
      • Sixth-graders would be taught about identifying with multiple sexual identities, including “bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, two-spirit, asexual, and pansexual.
      • Eighth graders would be taught abortion is “reproductive care” and how to develop a plan to eliminate an unintended pregnancy.

Nebraska Family Alliance is calling on the Department of Education to scrap the politicized, age-inappropriate sex education proposal from the draft health education standards—and we need your help. 

What You Can Do

The Department is currently accepting public input and will consider adjusting the draft based on the feedback received from Nebraskans. A vote by the State Board of Education on final health education standards is expected in the fall.

Review the draft health education standards here, and submit formal comments by emailing

We need Nebraska parents to speak up now and share their reactions. Comments will be included on the formal record sent to the entire State Board of Education. 

Please share this information with your family, friends, neighbors, and church, and join us in submitting comments in opposition to the proposed sex education topics in our state’s health education standards.

Children are our greatest gifts. While a cultureand sadly, a governmentaround us seeks to sexualize our children for the sake of a political agenda, we must protect our children and nurture their minds, bodies, and hearts.

We will fight for their innocence and protect them from harm.

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