In 1988, a group of Christian parents founded Nebraska Family Alliance (NFA) because they recognized a gaping need in Nebraska for a faith-based educational resource hub and policy research center that stood for Biblical truth and represented families in the halls of government. 

We’re incredibly grateful for the sacrificial gifts of thousands of ministry friends over the years, and our work has never been more important than it is today. Right now, opponents are organizing to undo the legislative wins we accomplished in 2023 with a pro-abortion constitutional amendment and referendum to restrict school choice. NFA is preparing to respond with a robust voter education campaign, but it will take tremendous resources to match the outside money being poured into our state to disseminate misinformation.

Several ministry partners have offered to donate $150,000 to our efforts if we raise $300,000 by the end of the year. This gift is the largest match we’ve ever received, and with these two looming ballot initiatives, your sacrificial gift on #GivingTuesday will make a major difference in our ability to defend life and educational freedom in the coming year.

This #GivingTuesday, contribute to our matching fund to protect life and educational freedom in Nebraska.

Over Thanksgiving, our team took time to give thanks for God’s faithfulness to our ministry in 2023. In the face of overwhelming opposition and unprecedented obstacles, the people of God rose up to achieve generational wins. With resources we provided, churches mobilized their congregants to speak up for vulnerable children in Nebraska, and because of you, we established legal protections for preborn children in the womb and for minors struggling with their gender identity.

2023 was a big year for NFA, and our ministry and influence continues to grow with new church partners, business leaders, and families joining our network. After years of persistent advocacy, the Nebraska Legislature passed its first school choice bill, and every bill opposed by NFA failed to advance. This year, we also added a new staff position to expand our social media presence.

Our office—located in the heart of Lincoln—is home to a 24/7 prayer center, which hosts prayer groups, Bible studies, and worship services. NFA’s in-house media studio allows us to record and produce hundreds of daily radio programs that inform Nebraska listeners on the important issues impacting faith, government, and culture.

Without your financial support, none of this would exist. We’re 100% donor-funded, and every year, generous ministry friends chip in to sustain our work. We know that the incredible coordination and investment that made our 2023 victories possible can happen again.

This #GivingTuesday, you have the opportunity to defend life and educational freedom and be a part of a historic effort to create a state where God is honored, marriages and families thrive, life is cherished, and religious liberty flourishes.


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Nebraska Family Alliance exists to advance family, freedom and life by influencing policy, mobilizing prayer, and empowering people.
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