Protect Our Kids And Schools


In March of 2021, the Nebraska Department of Education released a draft proposal for health education standards written by political activists without input from parents or key mainstream organizations. If approved by the Nebraska State Board of Education, local school boards would be asked to adopt the new health education standards.

The draft standards promote abortion and transgenderism, teach children that gender is fluid, and inject activist talking points into curriculum and classrooms.


Under the draft health education standards from the Nebraska Department of Education:

      • Kindergarteners would be taught about cohabitating and same-gender families.
      • First-graders would be taught to define “gender identity and gender-role stereotypes.”
      • Fourth-graders would be taught that sex is “assigned” at birth and gender is fluid.
      • Fifth-graders would be taught that “gender expression and identity exists along a spectrum.”
      • Sixth-graders would be taught about identifying with multiple sexual identities, including “bisexual, lesbian, gay, queer, two-spirit, asexual, and pansexual.”
      • Eighth graders would be taught abortion is “reproductive care” and how to develop a plan to eliminate an unintended pregnancy.


If the proposed health education standards are approved in their current form, kindergarteners and elementary students would receive sexualized, nonfactual, and age-inappropriate content from their teachers and be exposed to explicit messages and images in classrooms.

Children are our greatest gifts. While a culture—and sadly, a government—around us seeks to sexualize our children for the sake of a political agenda, we must protect our children and nurture their minds, bodies, and hearts. We will fight for their innocence and protect them from harm.


The Nebraska State Board of Education listened to public comments on the draft health education standards at their monthly meetings this spring. Parents and community members responded with an overwhelming flood of testimonies and written comments in opposition to the proposed standards.

Now, after the initial phase of public input, a second draft will be written. The next version will likely be released in the fall, after which the public can weigh in again. The Nebraska State Board of Education is expected to vote on a final version of the health education standards later this year.

To empower parents and local school boards to oppose the proposed health education standards, retain local control over their school’s health curriculums, and reaffirm the rights of parents as primary educators of their own children, NFA is offering resolution language on our website and encouraging local school boards across the state to formally adopt the resolution rejecting the proposed standards.


Pray children and parental rights are protected in Nebraska. Ask for the State Board of Education members to have guidance as they make important decisions.


Contact your representatives on the State Board of Education and local school board, and urge them to oppose comprehensive sex ed and the proposed standards.


Share and print this information for your family, friends, neighbors, and church. Encourage them to contact their representatives about this issue.


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Patricia Koch Johns – District 1
(402) 416-3374
Lisa Fricke – District 2
(402) 670-2474
Patti Gubbels – District 3
(402) 649-1265
Jacquelyn Morrison – District 4
(817) 247-4563
Patricia Timm – District 5
(402) 228-4054
Maureen Nickels – District 6
(308) 380-3919
Robin Stevens – District 7
(402) 615-4095
Deborah Neary – District 8
(402) 215-9139
Commissioner Matt Blomstedt
(402) 471-5020


Whether you call or email, please be polite and respectful. Personalize our sample script to make it your own!
Hello, my name is [INSERT FULL NAME], and I live at [INSERT ADDRESS]. I am writing to express my deep concern and strong opposition to the proposed health education standards.


      • Many of the themes in the proposed health education standards are sensitive topics that should be addressed by parents at home, not by school districts.
      • The draft health education standards would teach school children politicized, non-scientific, and age-inappropriate information and ideas about sex, abortion, sexual orientation, and gender identity and need to be removed.
      • It’s unacceptable to insert agenda-driven, comprehensive sex education into health education standards that would teach young children that gender is fluid.
      • Children are our greatest gifts, and we should work to nurture and protect their minds, bodies, hearts, and innocence.
I urge the removal of sex education topics from the health education standards.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

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