We are alerting our network to a serious development that stands to threaten our constitution, the health and safety of women, parental rights, and the lives of pre-born children in our state.

Pro-abortion advocacy groups have filed a ballot initiative asking voters to approve an amendment to our state constitution during the 2024 election to create a “right” to abortion in Nebraska.

This extreme tactic has been used in other states to not only wipe away all pro-life protections, but also to diminish parental rights and eliminate important health and safety standards for women.

The abortion industry knows that if they can succeed here, they can succeed anywhere. It’s up to us to protect women, children, and families in our state.

In the coming weeks, the initiative will begin to be circulated across our state in an attempt to collect enough signatures to place the initiative before voters in the 2024 general election.

A petition drive for a constitutional amendment requires signatures from 10% of registered voters. Roughly 122,000 signatures must be collected by July 2024 and authorized by the Secretary of State’s Office to qualify for the ballot.

While we wait to see what the exact language of this petition looks like, here is what we want you to know:

1. This is a fight for life and the fight of a lifetime. The abortion industry will pour millions of dollars into our state to support this initiative and mislead voters.

2. We are ready. NFA is working closely with a coalition of other pro-life groups, including Nebraska Right to Life, the Nebraska Catholic Conference, and Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America. The pro-life movement in Nebraska is united and ready to help inform, equip, and empower voters with the truth.

3. You will play an indispensable role in the outcome of this ballot initiative. Unfortunately, similar efforts have passed in other states, and it will take every one of us stepping up, speaking out, and giving our time, talents, and treasures to help defeat this initiative.

We will continue to keep you informed as NFA will be taking on a leading role in providing important information, resources, and tools to equip you and help defeat this dangerous and extreme effort. Thank you for standing for life and protecting women and children in Nebraska.

Contribute to our efforts to protect life, educate voters, and defeat the abortion industry’s agenda.


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