The 2023 Nebraska Legislative Session began today.

State senators will have the first ten days of the session’s 90 working days to introduce new bills and then begin debating and setting policies that will impact Nebraskans.

The Nebraska Family Alliance (NFA) team will be at the State Capitol every day the Legislature is in session—defending your family and freedom while advocating for the lives of boys and girls yet to be born.

We’ve spent the last several months meeting with senators, advocating on the issues, and preparing legislation to advance family, freedom, and life in Nebraska.

Our daily presence at the State Capitol has never been more important. We have the opportunity to help create a state where God is honored, marriages and families thrive, life is cherished, and religious liberty flourishes—but none of this is possible without you.

It’s difficult to put into words how grateful, honored, and humbled we are by your support. Because of your generosity, NFA met our year-end match challenge of $100,000.

Thank you, and God bless you for your faithful investment in NFA! Because of you, NFA is able to promote and defend the foundational values of life, marriage and family, religious freedom, and parental rights.

NFA will be working to influence policy, mobilize prayer, and empower citizens throughout this year’s session by reading and tracking all relevant legislation, meeting with senators and their staff, providing testimony, and letting you know key moments when you can make your voice heard.

There will be many challenges before us, but we are invigorated more than ever to be a vessel for truth and family values in Nebraska. 

Thank you for standing with us as we work to defend life and liberty in 2023.

Stay Up-To-Date

Here are three free resources from NFA you can take advantage of to stay up-to-date on the most important issues impacting family, freedom, and life:

1) Subscribe to NFA’s Capitol Prayer Initiative to receive text alerts when critical votes are being taken at the State Capitol, when our team members are testifying before committee hearings, and when you need to take action and contact your elected representatives.

2) Commit to pray for your state senator by adopting your leader in prayer! We’ll send you a free “Adopt-A-Leader” packet with a list of Nebraska’s elected officials, a magnet of your state senator, and a 30-second prayer card for every day of the month.

3) In the coming days, visit NFA’s Bill Tracker page for a quick and easy summary of the most important bills you need to be aware of and their status in the Legislature.


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