The NFA Daily Spotlight: Exploring The Benefits Of Home Education

Angela Grove, a homeschool mom and educator, joined the NFA Daily Spotlight to discuss the benefits of home education. Angela and her husband chose homeschool to protect their children from inappropriate and harmful content being taught in public schools and to teach their children from a Biblical worldview. Homeschooling allows the family to select curriculum and a pace that’s best suited to their boys’ needs, provides greater flexibility in their daily schedule, and brings the family closer together.

The Grove family’s mission is to “develop character and God-honoring relationships first, and knowledge second; seek to guard and protect the innocence of our children while training them to boldly defend God’s truth; allow our children the freedom to learn at their own pace and ability regardless of their age, and to learn according to their God-given passions and unique personalities; aim to develop a love of learning in our children that will make them into life-long learners; prioritize an atmosphere of peace in our home by keeping our pace of life slow and our scheduled commitments minimal; and value authentic and supportive relationships in our family that will last a lifetime and endure any trial or distance.”


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