The NFA Daily Spotlight: Protecting Children With The Set Me Free Project

Stephanie Olson joined the NFA Daily Spotlight to discuss her online resources to equip parents to protect their children from human trafficking. The Set Me Free Project provides valuable curriculum to parents, schools, and churches to inform them how to prevent sex and labor trafficking in their communities. Together, we can fight human trafficking and stop it before it begins.

Unfortunately, human trafficking is happening right now in Nebraska, but there are practical steps adults can take to protect vulnerable youth. Olson’s curriculum teaches adults how to model healthy relationships and provides tools to use social media safely. If you want more information on human trafficking and how to combat it, visit The Set Me Free Project’s website.


Stephanie graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a minor in English. Before founding The Set Me Free Project ®, Stephanie worked with women in the area of sexual and domestic violence, addiction, and homelessness. She also worked with youth, teaching healthy relationships. After extensive training and research in the study of human trafficking prevention education and social media safety, she co-founded The Set Me Free Project.

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