It’s back to school season, and many people are asking, “What are my rights as a parent? What rights does my child have in school?” 

More than ever before, due to the controversial and harmful ideologies and curriculum being pushed on kids in schools, it’s essential that parents know their rights and are prepared to defend them. 

Your rights don’t end at the schoolhouse gate—and you don’t have to keep your faith, family values, and First Amendment freedoms at home. 

Today, NFA hosted a special webinar with policy experts from Alliance Defending Freedom and the Nebraska Catholic Conference to discuss what’s happening with the proposed health education standards, recent attacks on parental rights and religious freedom, and what you need to know about parental and student rights. 

Watch and share the video to help educate, equip, and empower others to know the rights that parents have over their child’s education and how you can help protect kids and families in Nebraska.

Thank you for partnering with NFA as we stand for truth in the public square!

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