It’s election time again!

After the Kavanaugh hearings, many people from both major political parties expressed severe disappointment in American politics.

Feeling disappointment often elicits three responses: give up, lash out, or choose to ask “what can I or others do to improve?”  

In the political arena, these reactions translate to people either 1) disengaging from politics entirely, 2) engaging angrily in political rhetoric, or 3) engaging positively for political improvement.

At NFA, we would like to encourage you to remain engaged and to do so in healthy, helpful ways.

Here are 5 Postive Ways to Engage this Election:

1. Become Informed

Knowledge is powerful, especially when picking candidates who share your values.

NFA’s voter guide – – has done all of the research for you. Candidates filled out surveys about their positions on key issues, or if they refused to respond, we researched their positions. Check it out! It’s quick, easy, and 501(c)(3) church friendly.

Picking candidates you believe are the best choice for leading our nation, state, county, and city is a valuable contribution towards creating a better future.

2. Vote

Your voice matters. The best way for your voice to be heard is at the voting booth.

At NFA, we experience the impact of elections up close and personal. The passing or failing of a pro-life, pro-family, or pro-religious freedom policy depends on the outcome of local elections. Thirty-three votes are needed in our state legislature to overcome a filibuster (often used to a obstruct bill). The more legislators with a similar vision for Nebraska, the more likely a particular bill will pass or fail. Often times, only one vote makes the difference in getting a bill out of committee or passed into law.

Your voice along with your values equals one impactful vote. Go vote!

3. Pray   

Prayer is the foundation of everything we do at Nebraska Family Alliance. We encourage you to join us in praying for the elections because in prayer we have the opportunity to partner with God for His plans and purposes.

The prayers can be simple but powerful targeted prayers for safety, truth, specific policies, and much more. Join our team and others praying across the nation for cultural transformation.

Text “PRAYNFA” to 402-979-7729 to receive our 7-Day Elections Prayer messages.  You can also download a printable version of the 7-Day Election Prayer Guide or like NFA on Facebook to get similar prayer focuses.

4. Engage Others in a Winsome, Thought-Provoking Way

We’ve all been there. It’s an issue you’re passionate about, you get caught up in the moment, and all of a sudden you’re talking to a friend like they’re an enemy. This can have a damaging effect on relationships with family members, friends, and your faith community.

You don’t need to apologize or be shy about what you believe, but you also shouldn’t lower the standards for civil discourse.

Here are a few tips for the next time you’re in a disagreement over a political issue:

A) Give people the freedom to disagree
       -don’t shame, intimidate, or use fear to force others to agree with you
B) Listen, listen, and listen some more
       -people often will allow you to share because you politely listened to them
C) Ask thought-provoking questions
       -watch the video on 3 Questions to Ask During Your Next Disagreement

5. Follow-up

After the election, remain engaged by following-up with those elected into office. Some officials campaigned as being for or against specific policies or social issues. Find out if they stood or voted according to their campaign promises.

At NFA, we offer different options to help you stay engaged with what’s happening at the Capitol. You can join NFA’s E-Network to get Action Alerts on important policy updates and take advantage of helpful resources like our bill tracker and legislative scorecard.  We also provide updates on NFA’s weekly podcast, Capitol Connection, and cover current issues on NFA’s Daily Spotlight radio programs.

Most importantly, don’t forget when politics get discouraging to keep your eyes focused on what really matters.

Stay engaged to improve life for your family, neighborhood, schools, and community.

We should not only fight when we are optimistic. We should remain engaged because it is the right thing to do.

Whatever happens this election at the federal level, America needs good citizens and men and women of integrity elected at the local and state level – citizens who choose to do their best for their own community and avoid the pitfall of stepping back when our country needs them most.

Nebraska Family Alliance
Nebraska Family Alliance exists to advance Family, Freedom and Life by influencing policy, mobilizing prayer, and empowering people.
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