A new amendment from a Republican co-sponsor of LB 626, the Nebraska Heartbeat Act, has put the bill in jeopardy. 

Yesterday, Senator Merv Riepe unexpectedly filed an amendment seeking to change the heartbeat bill to allow abortions until 12 weeks of pregnancy. This amendment would cost 1,700 lives every year. 

LB 626, as introduced, will protect babies when a heartbeat is present. This could stop 85% of abortions in our state and save 2,000 lives every year. In comparison, around 300 abortions are performed in Nebraska after 12 weeks. 

Senator Riepe co-sponsored LB 626 when the bill was introduced and recently voted to advance the bill from the Health and Human Services Committee. 

Now, Senator Riepe is questioning his support for the bill and filing amendments that would dramatically alter the bill and strip away life-saving protection for thousands of unborn babies. 

We need 33 votes in support of LB 626 and cannot afford to lose a single supporter. Without Senator Riepe’s support, the bill is at risk of not passing. 

Contact Senator Riepe and urge him to withdraw his proposed amendment to LB 626 and protect babies with beating hearts. 

This is a historic opportunity for our state, and senators should be proud to stand for life. 

Please be respectful and encourage Senator Riepe to remember that compassion, science, and the majority of Nebraskans support allowing babies with beating hearts to live.


Senator Merv Riepe
District 12
(402) 471-2623


Dear Senator Riepe,
My name is [INSERT NAME], and I live in [INSERT CITY]. I am writing to urge you to support LB 626, withdraw your amendment to LB 626, and vote in support of the bill as written. 
  • LB 626, as introduced, will put an end to 85% of abortions in Nebraska. Your amendment would strip away heartbeat protections for 1,700 preborn babies every year.
  • We must protect preborn children with their own beating hearts. Every innocent human life deserves protection, especially preborn babies with a detectable heartbeat. A heartbeat is a universal sign of life. 
  • LB 626, as written, already has support from a large majority of the Nebraska Legislature and Governor Pillen. 
  • Your amendment could jeopardize this year’s pro-life bill altogether. This would leave Nebraska’s current 20-week abortion law in place for at least another year and make Nebraska a “destination state” for out-of-state women seeking a late-term abortion.   
  • Nebraska is a pro-life state. A recent statewide poll revealed that 58% of Nebraskans support a bill protecting preborn babies once a heartbeat is detected.
  • There is no question, scientifically or medically, that an unborn child in the womb is a distinct, individual human being with their own DNA and their own heartbeat.
Please support LB 626 and withdraw your amendment. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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