Last week, Senator Joni Albrecht announced she would be bringing a bill to protect the lives of unborn babies by prohibiting abortion when a fetal heartbeat is present.

The Nebraska Heartbeat Act, LB 626, was officially introduced to the Nebraska Legislature today—and pro-abortion activist groups have already been mobilizing opposition to the bill.

Please contact your senator and urge them to support LB 626.

This is the first time our Legislature has been in session since Roe v. Wade was overturned, and senators are facing enormous pressure.

LB 626 represents the best opportunity we have to start protecting as many lives as we can today, and it is critical that senators start hearing from their constituents now.

Urge your state senator to support The Nebraska Heartbeat Act!

A heartbeat is a universal sign of life, and The Nebraska Heartbeat Act, LB 626, could stop 85% of abortions in our state and save 2,000 lives every year! Email or call your senator and urge them to protect babies with beating hearts and support LB 626. 

A large number of state senators have already agreed to co-sponsor the bill. If you see your senator’s name listed here on page one of the bill, we still strongly encourage you to send them a note of encouragement and thanks for their support. 

Thank you for being a voice for life in Nebraska.


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