In the coming weeks, thousands of students in Nebraska will return to the classroom—but your rights and the rights of your children don’t stop at the schoolhouse gate. 

Parents are the primary educators of their own children, and every child has the right to an education that best meets their unique needs and aligns with their family’s values.

That’s why we’re committed to defending parental rights, protecting children’s minds, hearts, and bodies, and supporting greater freedom and choice in education. 

NFA provides free educational resources that will help empower and equip parents to safeguard their child’s education in the upcoming school year, including a comprehensive Back to School Guide for Parents, Student Rights Handbook, and 30-Day School Prayer Guide. 

Download these important resources today!

Unfortunately, while we are working to empower parents and support school choice, the teachers union is hard at work, actively trying to strip freedom and choice away from parents and families. 

Opponents of school choice have filed a referendum petition and are collecting signatures to repeal Nebraska’s first-ever school choice law, The Opportunity Scholarships Act, and have resorted to spreading lies and misinformation to obtain signatures. 

We must fight back with the truth. Help defend school choice in Nebraska by declining to sign the repeal petition, and educate your friends, family, and neighbors with the facts.

For more information, resources, and volunteer opportunities to help oppose the repeal effort, visit 

Thank you for partnering with NFA to protect school choice and defend the rights of parents and students in Nebraska.


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Nate Grasz

Nate Grasz

Policy Director
Nate is the Policy Director at Nebraska Family Alliance and host of the Capitol Report program.