Today, Speaker of the Legislature Mike Hilgers submitted a letter to Governor Ricketts showing that 30 state senators would support changing Nebraska’s abortion law to place restrictions on abortion at 12 weeks. 

In response, Governor Ricketts announced that there will not be a special session due to the lack of the 33 votes that are needed to overcome a filibuster and pass legislation. 

This failure of the legislature to support the most basic protections for pre-born babies is an injustice that not only keeps our 20-week abortion law in the same category as a small minority of countries worldwide—including China and North Korea—but it will ultimately cost the lives of baby girls and boys in Nebraska.

Despite having super-majority support from pro-life senators, the Nebraska Legislature remains just shy of the needed 33 votes. Simply put, without 33 pro-life senators, Nebraska’s abortion law will remain extreme, outdated, and inhumane. 

Babies at 12 weeks can smile, yawn, kick, and suck their thumbs. As a pro-life organization, we recognize and advocate for the dignity and humanity of all human beings at every stage. But the extreme views of a minority of senators are continuing to prevent even modest protections for vulnerable and defenseless babies who cannot speak for themselves. 

But this is not the end. In fact, we are closer than ever before. 

We must rally around our pro-life senators, educate voters, and get to the polls. Elections have consequences, and this November, half of the state senators in our legislature are up for election. 

There are three things every Nebraskan who is disappointed in today’s announcement must do: 

1. Contact your senator.

Look at the letter to see which senators did and did not support a special session to pass pro-life legislation. If your senator signed the letter, contact them to thank and encourage them for their pro-life stance. If your senator did not sign the letter, contact them to express your disappointment and encourage them to change their mind. 

You can find your senator here and click on their webpage to view their contact information. 

2. Learn where candidates stand, help inform your family, friends, and church, and vote.

NFA’s issues-based voter guide will show you which candidates will be on your ballot and where they stand on the life issue. Click here to visit the voter guide and send it to your network before early voting begins on October 4th. 

3. Pray.

Pray that our elected leaders will have the courage and conviction to pass pro-life legislation going forward, and Nebraska will become a place where all life is cherished and protected. Click here to download NFA’s Pro-Life Prayer Guide.

The pro-life movement has been working to save lives and empower women for 50 years, and we won’t stop now. 

Nebraska Family Alliance is dedicated to protecting human life at every stage because we recognize every human life is a precious gift created in the image of God. 

Nebraskans who believe in equal treatment of all human beings and justice for those too young to speak for themselves will never give up until the practice of killing human beings before birth is not only outlawed but unthinkable. 

Request your free copy of NFA’s five-part pro-life strategy, and partner with us to advance the culture of life in Nebraska!

Nebraska Family Alliance
Nebraska Family Alliance exists to advance family, freedom and life by influencing policy, mobilizing prayer, and empowering people.